Supernatural: Season 13 – A Review

Hey guys!
We’re almost there. Season 13 of 15 is done, so let’s get right down to it!

The Plot (according to Rotten Tomatoes):

Season 13 of this drama series continues on the journey of the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean. Lucifer returns once again, and along with him comes surprising news: the devil is expecting a child. Now, Sam and Dean must tackle this complicated situation, dealing with a creature of extraordinary powers – while also facing all sorts of other threats along the way.

The Rating:

This is probably one of my all-time favorite seasons.
We start with some big losses as well as one even bigger addition to the team.

The change in the dynamic of the whole show is apparent and it’s a great way to spice up an old dish. This season felt really fresh and unique even though it’s #13.

Jack is an interesting character and his development throughout the season was great. I honestly can’t wait to see more of him.
In terms of his father, Lucifer, I am impressed with Mark Pellegrino’s acting skills. That guy really slays and brought his A-game. Believe me, when I say you will feel all the feelings for Lucifer in this season.

Furthermore, the concept of that alternate world also gives the show more to work with and to expand on instead of serving us 23 regular monster-hunting episodes. Sure, we still get some of those, but in this season, more time gets devoted to other things and that’s great.

We still have to mourn some losses and I spent most of the season desperately waiting for them to come back. Well, Crowley appears to be gone for good and I’m so sad about that. He was one of my favorite characters!

By the way, this season features – I am not kidding – a crossover episode with Scooby-Doo. The brothers get sucked into a TV and find themselves in an episode of the popular animated series. Although I am not a Scooby-Doo fan and never even really watched an episode, I still thought it was a really cool thing to do. Again, it just was a refreshing new take that – weirdly enough – was a good fit.

The story of season 13 had me hooked and more excited than any other season has in a while. I am most definitely back on board now and can’t wait to talk about the final two seasons!

Did you watch the season? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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