Top 5 Tuesday: Favorite Characters A-E

Hey, guys!
It’s Tuesday, that means it’s time for a bookish favorites posts. Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan over on Meeghan Reads and is quite simple: check out the topic and write a post with your picks.
This month you’ll be getting all my favorite characters. So, let’s kick things off with letter A to E!

A – Aelin from the Throne of Glass Books

I’m expecting Aelin to be rather popular this week. However, I couldn’t have skipped her. She’s such a great character with so much depth and facets. And let’s not forget all the development and how far she comes in the course of all Throne of Glass books.

B – Brienne from the A Song of Ice and Fire Books

For some reason, Brienne from Game of Thrones was the very first character that popped into my head when I thought about the letter B. To be perfectly honest, I don’t remember the books all the well, but she certainly was among the best characters in the show, so I’m pretty sure she was amazing in the books as well!

C – Constantine from the Hellblazer Comics

Earlier this year I dedicated an entire month to comics and graphic novels that were adapted into films or TV shows. For that, I read a lot of Hellblazer comics, where John Constantine is the main character. (There’s both a movie and a TV show based on these comics if you are curious.) I don’t know much about comics but really liked these. Although Constantine is far from a likable character, I enjoyed his sarcasm and his overall dark vibe that was quite different from other comics I had picked up before.

D – Dandelion from the Witcher Books

After trying to fill the Game of Thrones shaped hole in my heart I dove headfirst into the Witcher fandom. I binged the show, I played the games, and, most importantly for this post, I read all the books. Dandelion (or Jaskier, his name in both the original Polish books and the TV show) is a great character. He’s funny, he’s smart, he’s a diva and he is the bestest friend in the whole wide world Geralt will ever have.

E – Elisabeth from Sorcery of Thorns

This is another one that I expect to be popular. I loved the book, read it in a day, and quickly added Elisabeth to the list of my all-time favorite characters. Do yourself a favor and get your hands on that book right now!

Who are your favorite characters beginning with the letters A to E? Let me know in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday: Favorite Characters A-E

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  2. I haven’t read most of these books… 😦
    I like Buttercup, too (Jaskier or Dandelion as it has been translated.) I think Dandelion is a great translation choice, as I get an image of a dandy, flowery, lion kind of a guy, but Buttercup would have been funny 😀

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