Avatar The Last Airbender: Seasons 1-3 – A Review

Hey guys!
Once again, I am super late to the party for a rather famous show. I recently saw that Amazon Prime has all the episodes of The Last Airbender here in Austria, so I couldn’t help but binge-watch the entire thing. Here’s what I think about the show!

The Plot:

After spending 100 years frozen in the ice Aang awakes. It turns out that he is the long lost Avatar, the only one who could save the world…

The Rating:

This will be a very short review, because I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this show.

Why am I so happy with this one?
First of all, there are the characters. There are all full-fledge, well developed and they evolve throughout the show in a credible maner. That is true for every character, not just the Avatar! It’s rare enough for a movie or show to get this right for a single character, let alone for an entire cast.
Furthermore, I like that no characters is stereotypical or just black and white. Every one of them has conflicts going on, which – again – is something very real and credible.

Then we have the humor. Although the show does have a fair number of tragic moments, one of the things I appreciate about The Last Airbender is that continuously made me laugh. The jokes are not too flat, they aren’t trying too hard. Again, it’s simply extremely well made.

Finally, a few words on the story. You can tell that the plot is thought through and well planned. Everything makes sense and is spaced out perfectly for the duration of the show. There are cliffhangers and you will want to binge-watch the entire thing. I just loved it all the way.

Long story short, The Last Airbender is a brilliant show that everybody should watch. It surprised and impressed me on every level, so make sure to give it a shot!

Did you watch the show? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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