The Crown: Season 3 – A Review

Hello, everybody!
As I am finally catching up with writing all the reviews of the shows and season I watched last year, it is time to talk about The Crown. Let’s get down to it!

The Plot:

Season 3 follows the reign of Elizabeth II from 1964 to 1977. That inlcudes Harold Wilson as Prime Minister, the moon landing, the Aberfan disaster and much more.

The Rating:

What can I say about this show but telling you once again how brilliant it is?

Season 3 marks an overhaul of the cast list. As all the portraied people are now substantially older than they had been in the first season, everbody was recast. Although I loved the performances we got in season one and two, I was excited about this. The new cast includes Olivia Coleman, Tobias Menzies and Helena Bonham-Carter among others. So, there was no way this could have turned out bad.

All of the performances are stellar. Not just the big names deliver but also the actor who plays Charles and the actress who plays Anne were amazing!

The third season contains many important moments throughout history, however, in contrary to previous season the episodes felt less connected this time.
I loved that the show devoted a substantial amount of time to explore other characters’ stories and didn’t just focus on the Queen. I wished we had gotten more of princess Anne, but maybe that’s for the next season.

Out of all the episodes in this season ,the one that touched me the most was probably the third, Aberfan. I had not been aware of this catastrophe up until now but the execution and depiction of the events was flawless. I cried.

I am beyond curious to see the next season. Not just for the bits of history we’ll get to see but for the amazing performances the cast will be sure to deliver. Although this season felt a little disjointed it was still fascinating.

Did you watch the season? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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5 thoughts on “The Crown: Season 3 – A Review

  1. I saw a few clips of the show where Princess Margaret got into some dirty limerick with Lyndon B. Johnson that was scandalous as she must’ve been fun in real life. I also heard Princess Anne is the ultimate rebel. After all, how can you hate a woman who refuses to bow and shake hands with a human septic tank? I saw that clip in real life as she was like “No, I will not touch that fucking parasite! He’s revolting, smells like shite, and he’s a bloody cunt!”

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