Top 5 Tuesday: Books where something went wrong

Hey, guys!
It’s Tuesday, that means it’s time for a bookish favorites posts. Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan over on Meeghan Reads and is quite simple: check out the topic and write a post with your picks.
This week we talk about books where something went wrong!

#1 Dangerous Remedy by Kat Dunn

I just finished this one last week! Kat Dunn’s novel set shortly after the French Revolution kicks off with a prison break gone wrong. On the first pages, we encounter two characters who create a bigger distraction than they intended to when their hot air balloon crashes.

#2 Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

This is going to be a spoiler if you haven’t read the first two books in the series. That Jude is still in exile at the beginning of this novel is definitely not how things were planned by Cardan…

#3 Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

After Six of Crows, my favorite murder babies find themselves double-crossed. That’s not how they had planned this heist to go down.

#4 Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin

Having a child with the devil is definitely what I’d call “gone wrong”. Especially if you weren’t aware of it in the first place!

#5 The Time Machine by H. G. Wells

If memory serves me right, the protagonist in H. G. Wells’ novella at some point loses his time machine. Being stranded in a different time was not what he had envisioned when he set out on his adventures!

What’s your favorite book where something went wrong? Let me know in the comments!

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11 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday: Books where something went wrong

  1. Oh, I love this!! But I also feel like Kaz planned for EVERY eventuality ever!! He’s such a clever child. And no, I don’t think Cardan had planned for Jude to stay away that long at all!! Have you read the Barnes and Noble version? It has the letters from Cardan in the back, and they are my favourite part!! 🥰

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