Marriage Story

Hello, hello!
As I am catching up with some of the big movies I missed last year, I finally checked out Marriage Story. Let’s talk about 2019’s break up movie!

The Plot:

Actress Nicole and theater director Charlie seemed to have an amazing marriage. Well, now it is over. Instead of showing us a perfect relationship, Marriage Story focuses on the pieces that have to be put back together as everything falls apart.

The Rating:

Wow, this was intense.
First of all, I love the cast. Not only Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver excel in their roles, but even the supporting actors and actresses like Laura Dern or Alan Alda are also impressive.

What I enjoyed as well is that we get to see both sides. The film shows both Nicole (Johansson) and Charlie (Driver) struggling with the aftermath of their breakup. Neither one of them is protraied as being better than the other. It’s nice to see a movie that’s not judgemental.

Furthermore, I found the depicting of them falling out of love extremely credible. Even if you decide to no longer be together and are happy with that, it still hurts and it doesn’t mean anything about that is easy.
Many of the scenes were rather relatable which made the movie hid you rather hard.

Although I feel like I don’t love the movie as much as many other people seem to do, I don’t really have anything negative to say about it. It was well-done all the way but I am just not a big fan of films on relationships.

To me, Marriage Story is the best break-up film since Blue Valentine. The performances are remarkable and the story feels honest.

Did you watch the film? Let me know in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Marriage Story

  1. It was a better film than I thought it would be as I was feeling for both Scarlett and Adam in the film and personally, they should’ve won the Oscars. They just brought it. I am happy that Laura Dern won as she was great in the film as well.

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