Shazam! (DCEU #7)

Hello, hello!
We’ve come to the end of my DCEU review series. Although many more films will be coming our way soon, Shazam! is the last one on my list for now.

The Plot:

Billy’s life changes forever when he gets recruited by some ancient wizard and it imbued with superpowers. Well, the bad guys are stepping up there game as well…

The Rating:

This was delightful! After the DCEU movies had started to improve little by little, I had my hopes up for Shazam! I had no idea what to expect and ended up pleasantly surprised.

Shazam! did exactly what I was talking about in my Aquaman review. They went with the humoristic approach and it works so well! It’s the funniest DCEU movie so far and I had a blast watching it.

Granted, Shazam! isn’t perfect and I don’t care too much for the supervillain. I do, however, care for the protagonist. His backstory was heartbreaking (take a lesson here, whoever wrote the Man of Steel script!) and his character development wonderful. Not only did I like him a lot, but he also comes with some foster siblings that are absolutely adorable. Just look at Darla and tell me you wouldn’t immediately adopt that little sugar cube.

Shazam! has a very different vibe from the other DCEU pictures and that’s a good thing. I think, they finally found their tone and hope they’ll continue like this. This one was far more enjoyable than most of the other films.

Furthermore, Shazam! is in its entirety bright and colorful, so the CGI effects (that were used far more parsimoniously than in the earlier films) don’t pose such a strong contrast. Actually, everything just comes together so nicely in this film, I can’t wrap my head around how so many of the other films turned out so bad.
By the way, I loved the little nod to Big, which is a movie starring Tom Hanks where a kid gets stuck in an adult man’s body.

Shazam! is a strong contender for the title of my favorite DCEU movie. It’s funny, surprising, fresh and comes with some amazing child actors that steal the show.

Did you watch the DCEU films? Let me know in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Shazam! (DCEU #7)

  1. I fucking loved this film. It is so fun to watch as I wish my dad could’ve seen it as he’s a fan of the comic. Plus, I love that climax. And yes, Darla is adorable. “My name is Darla and I’ve been really good”. I lost it there as I thought it was the most adorable thing ever.

    That strip club Shazam went into. I’m not into wings or anything but it must be a very nice place with strippers and bouncers who are actually nice. I wouldn’t mind blowing money on that place.

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