Aquaman (DCEU #6)

Hello, hello!
Welcome to another installment of DCEU – hit or miss? So far, 4 out of 5 movies were a pretty big disappointment. Wonder Woman has been the only silver lining, but maybe Aquaman can help out in that department. Let’s find out!

The Plot:

Arthur Curry aka Aquaman is half human, half Atlantean. While he is not exactly on speaking terms with the water-y side of his family he’ll soon need to embrace his destiny to save the worlds above and under the sea.

The Rating:

Okay, so DC continues its streak of light improvement. Aquaman is far more enjoyable than Justice League but still light-years away from reaching Wonder Woman standard.

Let’s being with the things I liked about this picture, shall we?

First of all, of course, Jason Momoa. He is not only super bad-ass but also really embodies Aquaman. I am delighted to say that Momoa made this character, who was usually known as the douchebag among superheroes, cool at last. That being said, the film 100% lives off Momoa. Had they cast any other actor for the role, you could have tossed the film in the trash.

Furthermore, there is much more humor in Aquaman than in the last DCEU films. The only problem: the funny remarks mostly come from Momoa and as nobody else chimes in, it’s not working as well as it could have. My favorite moments are honestly those with the bad (and sometimes cringe-y) jokes. I wish the film hadn’t taken itself so seriously. Had they just rolled with the comedy vibe, the overall picture would have been more enjoyable.

While I did like some aspects of Aquaman, there is a lot of stuff to criticize.
Momoa’s rendition of Aquaman was cool, but I’m not too sure about any of the other characters. I don’t really care for any of the others and was mostly annoyed by just about all of them. I tried to like Amber Heard in this but it just didn’t happen. They should have given her some funnier lines. In comparison with Momoa, her character feels like she has a stick up her arse. I am, moreover, not convinced by their love story. That just was unnecessary and weird.

My second big complaint is the soundtrack. One of the things I loved about the MCU was that you could discern the superheroes by soundtrack alone. The DCEU has been super boring in this department. Aquaman would have deserved some heavier tunes to go with Momoa’s performance. I was especially startled by the weird pop song they chose for the credits.

As usual, I’ll throw in my annoyance with the CGI. While the underwater world does look impressive, it’s is too polished. Nothing about that seems authentic or real. You can just tell how super fake it all is. I just wish they would dial back a bit in that department.

Aquaman has lots of potential. Most of it is squandered but if you focus on the humor instead of taking this film seriously, you’ll end up having a good time. Momoa carries the picture on this strong and broad shoulders and certainly does a great job with that.

Did you watch the DCEU films? Let me know in the comments!

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