Wonder Woman (DCEU #4)

Hello, hello!
Today I get to talk about the DCEU movie I was most excited about. Although I didn’t exactly love the other films, I had high hopes for Wonder Woman. Let’s see how that turned out!

The Plot:

In this film, we learn about Wonder Woman’s origin. As the daughter of the Queen of the Amazons, she grew up on Themiscyra, a mystical island. When a pilot crashlands and reveals information about the first World War, Wonder Woman aka Diana has to leave her homeland to rescue the world.

The Rating:

This was amazing! I am so relieved to say that I finally found a DCEU movie I loved.

The story is quite intriguing and despite a few flaws I was hooked and thrilled throughout the entire film. Not only is it interesting that they went with WWI instead of WWII for a change, but it’s also wonderful to follow Diana as she discovers our world.

While the other superheroes (and villains) we’ve encountered in the DCEU movie so far are just lacking, Wonder Woman has it all: she’s charming, funny, intelligent and 100% bad ass. It’s simply a delight to watch her and I can’t for the sequel!

Furthermore, Wonder Woman also comes with my favorite soundtrack so far. The things didn’t feature anything that was particularly memorable but this one really has some great tunes (especially the theme)!

The action sequences are – of course – spot on and although they do use a lot of CGI in this film, it’s not as overwhelmingly suffocating as in the other ones.

Wonder Woman is a silver lining a the DCEU horizon. After some rather disappointing pictures, this one has gotten back on the boat. Can’t wait to see what else they have in store!

Did you watch the DCEU films? Let me know in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Wonder Woman (DCEU #4)

  1. For the most part I really enjoyed Wonder Woman. Gadot is great at balancing Diana’s fierceness with he naiveté and she and Pine have great chemistry. There are some excellent side characters, especially Etta and all of Steve’s ragtag bunch of mates. The “war is shit” and “all people are both good and bad” message is nothing new or unique but it’s still handled well.
    There were some pacing issues and I don’t know if the villain was compelling enough really. It’s good to see a female superhero being given top billing, but ultimately it’s a bit forgettable.

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  2. So far, this is the best film of the DCEU (followed by Shazam!) as it just got everything right as well as what I wanted in a film about Wonder Woman. Plus, Gal Gadot really brought those qualities that made Diana such an engaging person to follow as well as care about. My mom loves the film as well.

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