Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (DCEU #2)

Hello, hello!
Although I wasn’t too thrilled by Man of Steel, I’m not giving up on the DCEU just yet. The next movie in line is Batman vs. Superman, so let’s see how that turned out!

The Plot:

How do I even summarize this plot? Lex Luthor is a bad guy who somehow is obsessed with Superman. So he decides to manipulate him into a fight with Batman.

The Rating:

I thought I disliked Man of Steel, but I hadn’t seen this one yet. Wow, this was bad.

It starts with the title. When a film is called Batman vs. Superman I expect a big rivalry or something with the two guys going toe to toe with each other. However, this is not the case at all! There’s actually just one fight between the two that not one of them wants to be fighting. It’s just based on Lex Luthor threatening Superman’s loved ones.

Even if I were prepared to let this slide, there are plenty of other things for me to complain about. Let’s begin with Batman, shall we?
I had completely forgotten that Ben Affleck had been cast for this role. While I generally like his take on the role, his voice annoyed the shit out of me. He does this weird super deep talking when in costumes and I just couldn’t get into that.
Furthermore, I don’t love Jeremy Irons as Alfred here. Maybe it’s just me but that wasn’t how I imagine Alfred to be. And it’s not even Irons’ fault, it’s the way the role was written in the film. I’d rather stick with Michael Cane on that front.

I already detailed all the things wrong with superman in my last reviews, so just check that out as nothing much has changed on that front.
One of the main players in this film is Lex Luthor. Sorry, but he just annoyed me so much. His plan is weird, flimsy and doesn’t really make any sense.

Whom I did, however, like a lot is Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. She’s super cool in this film, so I can’t wait to see her solo movie.

The final thing I need to mention here are the CGI effects. They certainly went over the top with those. It’s just far too much, at a certain point it gets hard to look and you just get exhausted from this overkill of special effects and computer-generated monsters.

Unfortunately, this film squanders all the potential it had. So many things were promising but the final product is an irritating giant mess that is simply not worth watching.

Did you watch the films of the DCEU? Let me know in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (DCEU #2)

  1. Yeah, this wasn’t very good. I thought it was OK but underwhelming until… Wonder Woman appeared. The problem with the film was that it tried too hard to be this big conflict while also trying to set-up everything that is to come from the other heroes that would become part of the Justice League. Yeah, the DCEU got off to a rough start but once you go to Wonder Woman, then Aquaman, and then Shazam! Things will be fine. I hope you have your meds for Suicide Squad.

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    • I watched Suicide Squad back in the day when it first came out and I will NOT re-watch whatever that film was.
      Wonder Woman turned out to be great. Aquaman definitely had its moments and Shazam! was amazing as well!


      • That explains why you skipped it just to go to Wonder Woman. I can’t blame you for that. Suicide Squad fucking sucked. I think there was a good film in there somewhere but David Ayers and Warner Brothers fucked it all up. Plus, Ayers saying “fuck Marvel” at Comic-Con only made things worse.

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