Catwoman: Soulstealer by Sarah J. Maas (DC Icons #3)

Hello, my darling readers!
So, on my quest to read everything Sarah J. Maas has ever published, I naturally found myself picking up Catwoman: Soulstealer as well. It was actually the first book of the DC Icons series I read!

The Plot:

Selina Kyle grew up in the slums of Gotham City. Now she’s about to make a grand return, armed with a new name, a fortune and a kick-ass costume. How handy that Batman is currently away – that means the cat gets to play…

The Rating:

Okay, ahem. What is there to say?
Maybe Maas should stick with her other worlds and characters.

First of all, there isn’t much going on for about 3/4 of the book. I was desperately searching for a story but I couldn’t find one until I got to the final chapters. There everything is super-rushed as she had to squeeze half a book’s worth of plot into a couple of pages.

However, the main problem Catwoman presents is the character development or lack thereof.

At first, I liked Selena and I thought that this whole thing might work. Well, it didn’t. What do we know about her? She’s a good fighter. She looks good. She’s so very white. Not much depth to be found there.
Of course, this is a good match for her potential love interest. Batman is out of town, so she’s tumbling with Batwing. In terms of his characters, there’s also not much going on and the characters remain pale right ’till the end.

I was super annoyed by this unnecessary yet extremely predictable love story angle. You knew it was coming the moment Batwing first entered a room but I had still hoped Maas wouldn’t go there. Too bad.

Pretty much the only thing I liked was the relationship between Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. So much potential in their respective stories! I wish we had gotten so see more of those two.

However, I should warn you that comic fans might be irritated here. The characters are used as more of an inspiration than actually being what you know from the comics. Almost all of the characterization is rather freestyle and has nothing to do with previously established info about for example Catwoman.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have missed anything had I skipped this book. It’s mostly boring and predictable, so you can give it a pass.

Did you read the DC Icons series? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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