Last Christmas (2019)

Hello, hello!
Welcome to my last review for the year 2019. After reading numerous reviews about this film, I finally had the time to head to the cinema and check out Last Christmas. Let’s see whether it was worth the wait!

The Plot:

Disillusioned is almost too mild a term for Kate. The young woman who jobs as an elf in a store that sells Christmas ornaments all year round is down on her luck – and homeless after her flatmate kicked her out.
Things start to look up when she meets a rather mysterious stranger just outside the shop…

The Rating:

This was pretty cute!
I always try not to have too high expectations with Christmas movies as they are often extremely cheesy, unimaginative or blatant rip-offs from other productions.
Last Christmas was a rather pleasant surprise!

Sure the film has it’s very cheesy moments (and a foreseeable plot twist here or there) it is overall rather charming, quirky and funny.

You can say what you will about the rest of the film but the opening scene was stunning. We get so see a young version of Kate who sings in a church – it’s so beautiful I had tears in my eyes.

The adult version of Kate – portrayed by Emilia Clark – didn’t elicit that many emotions from me. The film was heavily playing on the heartstrings, but for me, that was a little too obvious to work. Kate does, however, grace us with many funny a moment and Emilia Clark certainly gives it her all. I never knew she has such a good singing voice!

Her on-screen chemistry with Henry Golding who plays the mysterious stranger is on point and the one thing that keeps the movie going. I’m 100% convinced that I wouldn’t have forgiven the clichés so readily otherwise.

My biggest problem was, however, the plot-twist that you saw coming miles off. Let’s not even go to the logic department, ’cause there were some pretty big gaps when here. The story is just a bit too flimsy to work properly. I mean, you can’t base a movie on Wham’s Last Christmas and expect and profound and coherent story.

Last Christmas has its cute moments and despite a lot of clichés, it makes for a rather adorable movie. I hadn’t expected much and got just what I wanted: a movie that feels like Christmas and is fun to watch.

Did you watch the film? Let me know in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “Last Christmas (2019)

  1. I watched it and I found it was a pretty solid christmas movie! I was amazed by Emilia’s face! How “elastic” it was with rise of the brows etc. It was like her whole face was made of suple rubber and she had so many expressions! Crazy! No bottox for her that’s sure 😉

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