Klaus (2019)

Hello, hello!
Let’s forget about that disaster of a Grinch movie from my last review and move on to a brand new animation film brought to us by Netflix. I’ve already read numerous positive reviews on Klaus, so is it really that good?

The Plot:

Jesper is a rich and spoiled kid, however, his father is no longer putting up with his irresponsible behavior. As the family is in the postal business, Jesper is appointed the new postman for a little ton that almost deserves its own circle in hell. His only chance of getting out there is mailing 6,000 letters by the time the year is over. In a town where people hate each other, Jesper has to be creative to achieve such a feat…

The Rating:

I am so glad to say that this film is amazing!
After some rather big letdowns with the Christmas films I chose so far, Klaus really is a silver lining.

First of all, the animation is stunning. All the characters look adorable and you never ever want the movie to end. I wish they’d produce more pictures like that!

The story is a bit foreseeable but, honestly, name one Christmas flick where this isn’t true. Although you can see pretty quickly where this is headed, there are still a few surprising moments that’ll make you laugh or that’ll warm your heart. You can tell how hard they tried to provide the audience with something unique!

I don’t even know what more to say. Klaus is a wonderful movie from beginning to end. There’s nothing that I didn’t like about it. So make sure to check it out!

Did you watch the film? Let me know in the comments!

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