The Grinch (2018)

Hey guys!
I missed a bunch of last year’s big Christmas movie releases, so I figured now is the best time to finally catch up. After The Nutcracker and the Four Realms was a rather big disappointment, I hoped at least The Grinch would be better. Let’s find out how that turned out…

The Plot:

A tale as old as time…
Whoville is preparing for Christmas (3 times bigger this year!) when the Grinch finally has enough. He hates the holidays so he sets out to steal Christmas, so everybody can feel as miserable as him…

The Rating:

As much as it pains me to say I dislike something Benedict Cumberbatch is in, but this was awful. I should have checked the reviews before enthusiastically hitting the play button.

If you read my older Christmas movie reviews, you know that the 2000 Grinch film is one of my all-time favorites, so naturally, I was curious what they’d do with the material for the new movie.

What’s the problem here? We get several subplot moments that I didn’t love all that much. Partly they felt underdeveloped and simply unnecessary.

Furthermore, while I usually like animated films, this one felt kind of cold (not just because of winter!). It all had a rather sterile look and despite some cute character designs I just couldn’t warm up to it.

Next on my list is the soundtrack. For some reason, it was decided that what this film really needs is a hip-hop soundtrack. There are plenty of familiar Christmas songs in the mix and they definitely outweighed the hip-hop material, but I swear every time a song like that came on I jerked in my seat and felt rather irritated. It just didn’t go with the whole film and felt rather weird.

Generally speaking, the film didn’t even feel very Seussian (is that a word?). If I hadn’t known that it’s a Dr. Seuss based story, I might not have noticed it with this adaptation. Everything just is a little off and misses the mark. From the weird and underdeveloped subplots to the design or the soundtrack. Even the Grinch was somewhat boring.

If you want to watch a film featuring the Grinch, just stick with the 2000 version starring Jim Carrey. That film is a hell of a ride while this new version is just plain irritating and boring.

Did you watch the film? Let me know in the comments!

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