Authority by Jeff VanderMeer (Southern Reach #2)

Hello, my darling readers!
It’s time for review #2 of the Southern Reach trilogy. After Annihilation left me irritated and slightly startled, I hope Authority might answer some of the questions I have!

The Plot:

The twelfth expedition is over. John aka “Control” is tasked with doing damage control after another failure. Will he be able to decode the mystery that is Area X? And what has the returned biologist to do with it?

The Rating:

*inhales deeply and lets out a sigh*
This was not what I had hoped for.

Instead of answering a single question that was raised in the last book, Authority opens up a whole new story line with its own questions and issues, so I’m even more irritated than I was before.

I know my description of the plot is confusing but that’s what the entire book is. It’s hard to give a summary of the story as there isn’t that much of a story going on!

Honestly, this one was dragging on even more than the last one. I was really bored at times and the unreliable narrator keeps annoying me.
It’s actually a short book, but for the love of God, it took me forever and a day to finish it.

The idea behind the Southern Reach trilogy is super fascinating. But I need answers! The story and characters are so vague and obscure, you’re never really getting anywhere. As the books are really short, I’ll give the third one a try – hopefully there is some conclusion to be found.

Did you read the Grishaverse Books? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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