Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (Grishaverse #4)

Hey guys!
I finished the Shadow and Bone trilogy and was super excited to move forward in the Grishaverse. So, let’s dive right into Six of Crows!

The Plot:

Criminal mastermind Kaz Brekker wants to pull off the heist of a lifetime. Together with his trusted crew of outcasts, he has to break into the most impenetrable military stronghold there is, and that’s the easiest part of the plan…

The Rating:

I really liked the Shadow and Bone books, but I am in love with Six of Crows. One of the quotes on the back of the novel described the story as Game of Thrones meets Ocean’s Eleven, so how could that not be brilliant?

First of all, I adore all of the characters. Yes, they may be outcasts, murders, thieves, and gangsters, but they are my precious little murder babies.
I am seriously impressed by how intricate each of the characters is and with how much depth Leigh Bardugo managed to imbue them.
Every single one of them is unique, special and relatable. Can’t wait to read more out them!

Anyways, as much as I loved the characters, the most important thing here is the story. Bardugo really outdid herself with this one. The heist they pull off is meticulously planned and I still can’t believe that she managed to craft this story in a way that it all makes sense.

This was the most thrilling book I’ve read in a while, and I read a lot of great books recently! It was absolutely impossible to put the novel down and I kept holding my breath so many times.
I’m really excited that there is another book to continue the story as I want to follow these characters a little while longer.

READ THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW! If you haven’t noticed ’til now, I am beyond excited about Six of Crows. The book is brilliant and the characters are outstanding!

Did you read the Grishaverse Books? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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