Halloween Horror: Midsommar

Hello, hello!
October is almost over. As the 31st is a Thursday and that is TMP day, this is the last horror movie review I have for you. Midsommar is currently in theaters, so you still have a chance to check it out. 😉

The Plot:

A group of American students is invited to go to Sweden to visit their friend’s commune. They are just at the right time: a once in a lifetime festival is about to take place…

The Rating:

Wow, this was intense!
I don’t think I have ever seen anything quite as hypnotizing as this. The set design is stunning and the colors (especially towards the end) are striking. But let’s backtrack and start at the beginning.

The film kicks off with a family tragedy that leaves the protagonist Dani struggling. It seems to be the only thing that keeps the relationship with her boyfriend going. He’s wanted to break up with her for a while now but he certainly doesn’t want to be the asshole who dumps her after her family died. I absolutely love the depiction of their relationship. It’s quite realistic and so very relatable. At least on a smaller scale, we all have had this moment where you actually don’t want to keep going but then it’s the person’s birthday, or they just got fired or whatever. Or maybe you can see it falling apart but are still holding on as you are afraid of where that would leave (I felt a bit like this was the case with Dani).

Anyways, that’s just a side note, so let’s talk about the super weird cult this film is about. I don’t know where they got all the ideas from, but that stuff is batshit crazy. Midsommar is certainly one of the most irritating films in that regard. I’ve seen my share of movies on occultist stuff, but this takes the cake. What also sets Midsommar apart from similar films is the form of presentation. This cult gives off such a different vibe than what you usually get!

For those who come looking for lots of gore, blood, and jumpscares, Midsommar isn’t for you. The horror of this film operates on a whole other level which is exactly what makes it so chilling.
I fully understand why some people consider the film boring. Director Ari Aster allows the story to unfold slowly and we spend quite a long time simply watching and learning about the cult.

Florence Pugh, who plays the leading role, is mesmerizing in this film. Her performance is what keeps the picture going even in moments where it’s dragging on a bit. She really is outstanding, especially in the final scenes.

My only criticism is that the film is too long. The current runtime is almost two and a half hours. I heard there even is a director’s cut just short of three hours. That’s both insanely long and feel like the story would have profited from cutting this thing a bit faster. Although I enjoyed the film, even I started checking my watch at some point.

If Midsommar is on in theatres near you, make sure to give it a shot. It is hypnotizing, chilling and different! Just be prepared to sit for a while, it’s a long movie!

Did you watch this horror film? Let me know in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “Halloween Horror: Midsommar

  1. I just heard all about this movie last week since it was a popular pick for Thursday movie Picks. I would be very interested in seeing this film which does look intense. I remember the Jim Jones massacre where all the people drank kool aid. It is quite frightening. Yeah, I have been there where I was dumped. My brother got dumped last year on Boxing Day!

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