Halloween Horror: 30 Days of Night

Hello, hello!
Today I’m reviewing a vampire flick based on a comic book series for you. Starring Josh Hartnett as the lead, this adaptation has sparked rather mixed opinions by critics. Let’s find out why!

The Plot:

A remote Alaskan town prepares for a month of darkness, usually referred to as polar night. However, with the darkness an evil force rises, one the residents hadn’t seen coming and aren’t even remotely prepared for…

The Rating:

The premise of this film is so fascinating! The turnout, on the other side, is not.

Although the acting is great (hey Josh Hartnett!) the characters are criminally underdeveloped. The movie is almost 2 hours long and still, the characters remain pale. We don’t learn anything about them, so, unfortunately, I have a hard time caring for any of them.

The timeline of the film is kind of weird. It spans the entire 30 days but it’s a bit confusing how much time has passed (and not entirely making sense).
In terms of visuals, it is cool but that’s just about the only redeemable thing about this film.

The end is rather flimsy in terms of logic as well, so the grand finally didn’t hit the mark for me either. There are some intense moments but ultimately the story didn’t deliver what it promised.

30 Days of Night is a decent film. The idea is cool, the execution flawed. It’s a somewhat mediocre movie but if you are into vampire flicks, you’ll enjoy it!

Did you watch this horror film? Let me know in the comments!

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