Halloween Horror: Silent Hill

Hello, hello!
Today I bring you a horror film adapted from a video. In 2006 the first movie in the Silent Hill franchise was released. So let’s check it out!

The Plot:

In an attempt to figure out what it is that plagues her child, a desperate mother drags her to Silent Hill. It’s a dark place that won’t let you out alive…

The Rating:

Well, this film is mediocre at best.
Full disclosure: I’ve never played the video games but was nevertheless excited to check this film out. Adaptations from games haven’t always turned out all that well (see Tomb Raider or Assassin’s Creed) but I think the story was very promising.

However, the way this turned out was a letdown. How the story is presented it is rather confusing and doesn’t make much sense. A lot of stuff is just irritating and feels slabbed together without much effort or concern. I see the potential (I assume that over the course of several games an intricate world was created) but the presentation was faulty. Maybe they just tried to cram too much into one picture thus creating a huge confusion.

A story that is a little confusing might be bearable if the acting was on point. Unfortunately, the performances in that department are lacking as well. The child actress is terrible (sorry) and Radha Mitchell (who plays the mother) is bland, without feeling and I don’t even buy that she cares about that kid so much. For some reason the cop she teams up with looks like her twin which is rather annoying.

For the film, they tried to come up with a flimsy subplot of Sean Bean (the father) trying to find his wife and daughter. That contributes exactly nothing to the overall picture and only serves to rip you out of the flow. It’s hard enough to get immersed in the story as it seems to lack logic, so this is not helpful.

Even the supposedly scary scenes only made me roll my eyes instead of being even remotely frightening. Things just seem at odds, so the monsters fail to make an impact.

It’s almost sad that such a promising story was turned in such a pale adaptation. Although the film was boring, it did make me curious about the game!

Did you watch this horror film? Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Halloween Horror: Silent Hill

  1. I liked this one a bit better than you. I thought it got off to an awful start (the girl screaming Silent Hiillllllllllll was so over the top) but it ended up being really creepy, which I enjoyed. The sequel was absolute trash though.

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