Halloween Horror: The Thing

Hello, hello!
Welcome to my next review. Today I’m tackling another classic: The Thing. Directed by horror master John Carpenter, this film hit cinemas in 1982.

The Plot:

Shit hits the fan for a research team stuck in Antartica when a shapeshifting alien infiltrates their ranks. The monster is out for blood…

The Rating:

The Thing marks another installment of “famous actors I am too stupid to recognize. I was halfway through the film until I realized it’s Kurt Russell who plays the leading role. Too much beard and too much hair made him look vaguely familiar but rather different from how I know him.

Anyways, let’s all ignore that and talk about his great performance. He is perfectly gruff and eerie just enough so that you keep wondering about him.

Generally speaking, the story of The Thing promised a great film. Putting this idea to the screen could end either in an amazing or terrible picture. But with John Carpenter as director, I was sure it could be nothing but awesome. Well, he didn’t disappoint!

Granted the film has lost some of its shock value as the special effects are a little outdated by now. However, the premise is creepy enough to keep you interested nevertheless. The plot is full of twists and turns, you never know who to trust.

The setting is claustrophobic enough even without any horror plot going on. Carpenter pairs the unique scenery with some great visuals and atmospheric music. The impressive performances make it worth watching even years later.

The Thing was a haunting surprise that turned out to be horror flick for the ages. It’s the perfect package of a creepy story, amazing actors and memorable images.

Did you watch this horror film? Let me know in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Halloween Horror: The Thing

  1. I saw this in the theatre when it came out with my brother and his first wife. I was scared but I did laugh when the guy’s head dripped off the table and ran away, if my memory serves. I saw the original one from 1951 (I think that is the year) and, even though many bash it today, I like it..James Arness makes a good carrot.:)

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