Stranger Things: Season 3 – A Review

Hello, my darling readers!
Today, I finally talk about one of my most anticipated new season this year. I was beyond excited when Stranger Things 3 finally hit Netflix, so let’s get talking about it!

The Plot:

All seems swell when a new shopping mall opens, everybody is in love and summer jobs keep the guys and gals occupied. But nothing good ever lasts. Jobs sucks, relationships end but most importantly: Russian infiltrate Hawkins and try to re-open the gate…

The Rating:

After a few things were a little off during the last season I was both excited and anxious to see what season 3 would bring. And I wasn’t disappointed!

Where do I even begin?
The Russian’s building a secret underground base in Hawkins might be a bit over the top and a cliché, but hell, it worked! I wasn’t sure about it at first but after some time I decided to just go with the flow. The Russian’s tie in perfectly with the ’80s vibe and Alexei might be one of my favorite characters this season.

This season we need to talk about relationships. While I’m not overly fond of the whole boyfriend/girlfriend dynamic we have going on with El/Mike and Max/Lucas, I think they might have nailed the amount of drama going on at that age. Furthermore, I don’t really care about Nancy/Jonathan anymore, their arc was a bit weak and their relationship is past the expiration date.
However, there are Joyce/Hopper. I can’t say too much without adding spoilers, so I’ll just say that my heart is broken and I still haven’t finished putting the pieces back together.

The romantic relationships this season weren’t my favorite thing but we get something much better: friendships and family.
I love that Max and El finally bonded. (By the way, El’s new look absolutely slays!) It’s good for El to have some female friends and you could tell how important this friendship was for her too.
Steve, the world’s best babysitter is back at it. Not only do we get so see more of the Steve/Dustin dynamic (which is brilliant), he also develops a friendship with Robin. That was one of my favorite plot twists this season!
Finally, we have Max and Billy. After this season you will see him in a different light, I promise!

I admit some parts of the story and its logic may be a bit flimsy, but I readily forgive for many great dialogues, an amazing soundtrack and the best new cast additions in a long time. Sure, there are flaws in the story, but the character development game is going so strong, you are far too busy with that to even notice little mistakes.

Long story short, I loved the third season of Stranger Things. It made me laugh, it made me cry. I love the new cast additions and I can mostly live with the storytelling. It’s not perfect but still brilliant (and better than the last season!)

Did you watch the season? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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7 thoughts on “Stranger Things: Season 3 – A Review

  1. Good review. I was also willing to forgive flimsy aspects and run with it. S3 has a few tonal shifts such as in E1 which started out very dark. I enjoyed the bickering between Steve and Robin, and Priah Ferguson has a bunch of funny lines. Hopper I found annoying in the home dispute but once he goes on adventure with Joyce I was hooked. I love 80s music which adds to the fun!

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  2. I just binged this for the second time with my mother – I love the show, but all the romantic nonsense makes me roll my eyes. why can’t the kids just be frieeeeends.

    I honestly wasn’t a fan of Hopper – he used to be one of my fave characters, but he was so aggressive and for me, unlikeable with his ranting and raving this season. 😦

    I LOVED the Max/El friendship, it’s all I wanted after season 2, so happy the writers followed through! now if only Eleven/Will can bond in season 4…

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  3. Nice review! I thought the third season was a vast improvement from the second one. Some of the plot doesn’t line up, but it’s great to see all the characters interacting with each other again, especially El and Max developing a friendship.

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