American Gods: Season 2 – A Review

Hello, my darling readers!
In my attempt to catch up with all the new season out there, I finally managed to finish watching American Gods season 2! Let’s find out whether the second season can live up to the hype around the show!

The Plot:

Odin is trying to rile up the Old Gods to stand with him. His ever-faithful bodyguard Shadow Moon is by his side.
In the mean-time, a still dead Laura is traipsing around with Mad Sweeney.

The Rating:

Okay, I had my problems with this one.
The first season was impressive and I just couldn’t stop watching.
With the second one, however, I somehow stopped halfway in and didn’t get back to it for several months. It started strong but somewhere around the middle, it’s reached it’s lowest point so far.

Unfortunately, the story kept dragging on without much sense of purpose. I don’t even really know what this season was supposed to be about. American Gods tries to lure you back it using flashing and over-the-top visuals but it only succeeded in giving me a headache. A lot of the charm went missing in this season and even the intriguing bit about the history of the Gods was rather disappointing in this season.

So after I had lost all hope of enjoying this season, I finally returned to watch the last to episodes. And guess what? Those were bloody good!
With Mad Sweeney’s story, we returned to what I had wanted to see. Some background info on the Gods. His struggle to remember and to hold on to sanity was touching and Pablo Schreiber deserves some award for that.

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t care less for Laura Moon. I wish she would have just stayed dead. Although I appreciate the idea behind the whole new media thing, I find the execution to be tiring and annoying at best.

After a second season that was boring and 100 % unnecessary, I really hoped the third one might bring the show back on track. The final two episodes regained some of the initial spirits, so maybe we’ll be lucky.

Did you watch the season? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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