TV Show Ramble: Big Mouth

Hello guys!
Sometimes you encounter a TV show, so transfixingly irritating and weird that you can’t help but binge the entire thing. Big Mouth is exactly this kind of show. So let’s see what it was that kept me glued to the screen!

The Plot:

Big Mouth features the lives of two teen-aged boys (and their friends) who are going through puberty. In this tough time, the hormone monsters are by their sides to be more or less helpful…

The Rating:

Did you see the trailer? Read the description of the plot?
Than you already figured that this show is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. The only other show that gets even close to this level of both weirdness and ingenuity is Rick and Morty.

Some people might find the pretext or the trailer of the show off-putting. Sure there are a lot of sex jokes and scenes that will make you cringe but Big Mouth is so much more. Let me tell you a few of the reasons I liked this show so much!

First of all, unlike in many other U.S. American TV shows, sex isn’t depicted as something dirty of forbidding. Discovering your own body is a natural thing and here it’s treated with a great deal of humor but without shaming anybody in the process.

Furthermore, the show adresses not only boys but also girls. While masturbation is a rather topic to include when it comes to guys, it’s kind of a taboo when it comes to women. Just like menstruation. If you talk about it you can see people starting to cringe, so I’m glad Big Mouth picked this up as well and incorporates it just like it is: as one of the most natural things on earth.

While many show focusing on a similar target audience (I’m thinking of Family Guy, American Dad and the likes) often have a dubios approach when it comes to sexuality and women, often making rape jokes or generally degrading comments about women, again, Big Mouth has a different take on the whole thing. For example, there is an episode where a guy gets shamed for trying to coax girls into oral sex and constantly pushing their heads down despite them obviously not being into it.
I’m one hundred percent sure that in any of the other shows I mentioned the joke would be on the women, while here the guy is actually called out for doing something that’s simply not acceptable.

Sorry, that this is turning into a rather long post, but I’d really like to highlight how Big Mouth is not what you would expect and is so much more modern and foward than other shows.

Anyway, other than that Big Mouth has a lot of really smart jokes to offer. You really need a brain to get those, in contrast to the humor that is applied in other similar productions. There is so much word-play or funny details like the billboard just outside the school that makes the show so hilarious.

I think I made my case why Big Mouth is an amazing, if admittedly weird, show that you should check out. Even if you didn’t exactly love the trailer, give it a chance. Big Mouth has a lot to offer.
If you don’t believe me, check the rating on Rotten Tomatoes: 100% approval by critics!

Did you watch the show? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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