Book vs. Series: A Series of Unfortunate Events (Season 3)

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A Series of Unfortunate Events concluded on Netflix with its third and final season. The last four books in Lemony Snicket’s thirteen-part children’s novel series.

The Plot:

Trying to escape from their latest bit of trouble, the youngest Beaudelaire child gets kidnapped by Count Olaf. Klaus and Violet have to investigate VFD to save their sister, but what has a sugar bowl to do with all of that?

Book vs. Series:

Season 3 adapts four Lemony Snicket books: The Slippery Slope, The Grim Grotto, The Penultimate Peril and The End.
Although I enjoyed the book series, I was glad that it was over. We are talking about 13 books here, so I reached a point where I got a little sick of the whole story. Don’t get me wrong, the books were taking an interesting turn, and were just as smart and intricate as the other installments.

However, with these books, we reach a point where I desperately wanted to know how the riddle is to be solved. Well, what we get is more beating around the bush, more obscure moments.

Also, the end was not quite what I had expected or wanted from the series. To be fair, it was the end the book series need to have, so I can’t be pissed about that. I did in-depth reviews, for each book. So if you want more discussion on that front make sure to check those out!

Anyway, let’s turn to Netflix. This show is one of the best adaptation I have ever seen for either book or series versions. For your information, season 3 currently holds an approval rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.
While the adaptation is generally very close to the novels, the ending is somewhat different. I was so pleased with the show as I felt this fitted the tone of the story perfectly.

Neil Patrick Harris excels in his role as Count Olaf. He’s not the only one giving a stellar performance. Malina Weissman and Louis Hynes who play Violet and Klaus are bringing their A-game and it certainly shows.
I also love that they incorporated Lemony Snicket as the narrator and Patrick Warburton did the job just as I had pictured not.

In short: the books are great, and surprisingly smart and intricate considering that it’s children’s books you are dealing with. However, 13 book is a lot – even if the novels are short. So, you can just watch the show instead with has better pacing and is perfectly made. One of the best adaptations I’ve ever seen!

Did you prefer the book or the series? Let me know in the comments!

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