Book vs. Movie: Love, Simon

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It’s time for another book vs movie post. Today I want to talk about Love, Simon, one of 2018’s most talked about films. I was so excited to finally pick up the novel it is based on and check out the adaptation!

The Plot:

Being a teenager can be difficult enough even if you don’t find yourself in Simon’s situation. He is gay but doesn’t know how to come out to his friends and family. On top of that, he fell in love with a classmate via email. He doesn’t have the slightest idea who he could be…

Book vs. Movie:

Oh, all the feels with this one!
I think I read the book within one afternoon. Becky Albertelli created a heartfelt novel that’s nothing short of adorable. It’s all there, the sad, the happy, the funny and the heartbreaking. I want to give Simon a hug and be his best friend.
Although it’s a film focused on a high school situation it doesn’t feel like your stereotypical drama situation. There is plenty of drama but it feels realistic instead of those plastic images we so often get with other books or movies.
There’s honestly nothing I didn’t enjoy about this book.

Can the adaptation live up to that? I braced myself for a disappointment. However, the film turned out to be pretty good too!

There are few changes I didn’t particularly enjoy (I won’t go into details – no spoilers here!) or deem necessary for the film. Sure, you can’t translate a novel to the screen 1:1 but it could have been a little more true to the source in some instances.
However, I am prepared to overlook that as Nick Robinson is just so perfect as Simon. This is exactly how I imagined the character while reading the book!

Of course, the book was more intense in terms of emotion but it’s hard to capture such things in film as you don’t get such a direct insight into Simon’s thoughts. So, the movie is a lighter version of the story (sort of).

I was rather disappointed with the soundtrack. In the book, music plays an important role for Simon and he mentions several songs and artists. Well, none of those made it to the soundtrack. They went more for what is currently popular in the charts and that’s a shame. Don’t get me wrong, the film features some cool songs, but it’s not what I had hoped for.

In general, Love, Simon is a well-made movie that addresses an important topic and is a milestone in terms of representation. While the book might be popular, the film will simply reach more people and give them food for thought. That’s why I am really glad the adaptation turned out pretty well (despite some flaws).

Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda is an amazing book I want everybody to read. I promise you won’t regret it. Love, Simon is a little softer and lighter but still a worthy adaptation of Becky Albertalli’s novel.

Did you prefer the book or the movie? Let me know in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Book vs. Movie: Love, Simon

  1. Nice review! I saw the movie first and loved it. The cast and story was charming and well-rounded. Nick’s performance is one of my favorites in the young adult genre. I haven’t read the book yet and looking forward to seeing how the two are different. 🙂

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