Avengers: Endgame

Hello, my darling readers!
After a movie marathon where I quickly got up to date with the entire Marvel Universe, I finally went to see Endgame!
While I usually keep my reviews spoiler free, it won’t be the case here. I’ve got too many emotions regarding this film!
This will be a long post, but also did a video version of my review, so if you want to check that out instead, it’s at the bottom of the post.

The Plot:

After the events of Avengers: Infinity War, the remaining heroes try to come to terms with what happened. While some of them reluctantly settle into their new life, not all of them are ready to give up. So, the fight continues…

The Rating:

First of all, let me begin this by saying “Fuck you, Steve Rogers”, for two reasons. Why on earth did he have to shave his beard first thing in the movie? He looked infinitely better with it! But more importantly: what kind of end was that? I’m really pissed at Steve for just dumping Bucky like that and staying in the past with Peggy. Not only is not fair concerning Bucky, but there are also two things about this that don’t make any sense at all. In the video at the museum back we saw back in the Winter Soldier movie (if I remember correctly) that she was married. So what happened to the guy when Steve just came back? Also, I thought the super soldier serum meant he doesn’t age? So why was he old and frail at the end of the film?
And how dare he not giving his shield to Bucky?!

Don’t get me wrong, I still like Captain America, but I just have a few issues with him in this film. One more thing: I love that fact that Steve was worthy to pick up Thor’s hammer, but I was somewhat irritated that he knew how to work it so well. It’s a weapon he’s never practiced with before, it’s completely unlike everything else. Yet he wields it expertly. Sorry, but that’s just not realistic!

Furthermore, I was sad that everybody who got dusted only re-entered the picture almost at the end. From all the promos I had expected them to be more prominent. Hands down, I just wanted more Bucky Barnes to be perfectly honest.

Now on a more positive note: the movie brought tears to my eyes. Robert Downey Jr.’s performance was beyond brilliant. I swear when he died, the entire cinema was sobbing. This was certainly the best performance he’s delivered in his acting career and I really hope he gets showered in awards for it.
Also, as you know, I don’t really care for Pepper. It was sad to see her say goodbye to Tony, but what ripped my heart out was Peter. That sweet little boy! And now he lost another father figure.

Scarlett Johansson also did an amazing job, but I just wasn’t as moved. I believe it’s because we don’t know that much about her, as she never got her own movie. With Tony, we already had 3 separate Iron Man movies, so naturally, everybody is more invested with his story arc.

Let’s leave the sad behind and talk about something funny. There was always great jokes to be found in the Marvel movies, but my favorite one here was definitely “That’s America’s ass!”, I think we can all agree on that statement.
However, one great joke opportunity was missed. I had hoped for a scene with Downey Jr. and Cumberbatch where one says to the other “No shit, Sherlock”.

Another point I need to address is Thor’s story arc. The guy clearly hit rock bottom. I know they meant for his new look to be ridiculous, but I actually appreciate that they kept it for the entire film. He didn’t have to have a sixpack to fight Thanos. Thor got started on the road to recovery and he knows it will be a long way, but he’s ready for it.

Very important: A big shout out to all the amazing women in the MCU who constantly save the guys’ asses. So many great fighters are featured in this film, but I am somewhat sad that they didn’t get much screen time. They all deserve their respective films telling their stories. I really, really hope we get to see that.

As you can read, the film made quite an impression on me. There are many perfectly choreographed fighting scenes and on-point CGI effects.
When it comes to the plot, there’s a lot of science going on. Honestly, I’d have to watch the film again to see whether there were any plot holes. There were just too many other things to take in to pay much attention on that front. Endgame is three hours long but it certainly didn’t feel that long!

It also marks Stan Lee’s finally cameo in a Marvel movie. He passed away last November and it breaks my heart that he won’t be there anymore. I had so much fun trying to spot him in every single film. It just won’t be the same without him.

One final point: there was no post credits scene. I was so annoyed! About 15 people remained in the cinema to watch the credits roll, waiting for, well, something but we were disappointed. I don’t know why they didn’t do it. They did it with all other movies, so it’s really a let-down not to have one in the final film!

I thoroughly enjoyed Endgame, despite the flaws the film has. It’s a worthy climax to the Avengers movies!

Are you a Marvel fan? Let me know in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Avengers: Endgame

  1. I really hope the film gets an Oscar nod for Best Picture because it definitely deserves it. It’s the kind of film that the Gods of Cinema would’ve loved because it had everything as well as something grand. Plus, the character arcs that were important as I loved so many things about the film.

    In regards to Rogers’ decision in the end, I believe he lived through an alternate timeline where he saved Bucky from Hydra and prevented from a lot of bad things happening and lived a great life and then returned to the main timeline to pass the torch to Sam.

    Thor’s arc is my favorite of not just the film but the entire series as I’m going to touch upon that more later in the year as I’m planning to do a retrospective piece on the Infinity Saga of the MCU!!!!!!

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  2. Nice review! My biggest issue with Endgame was how it focused on Thor, Tony, and Steve the most, and it didn’t do a lot to bridge the original Avengers with the newer superheroes. I wish we knew more about what happened to the characters we lost in The Snap – where they ended up,etc. The time travel heist plot was a little wonky to me, but it’s overall a fun and adventurous movie. That epic battle scene against Thanos is unforgettable.

    I personally loved Steve’s choice in Endgame because I think it fit his and Bucky’s arc very well. Steve had trouble moving on from the past, especially accepting that Bucky wasn’t The Winter Soldier but also wasn’t the Bucky he knew in World War II either. Whereas Bucky was on his way to healing in Wakanda and seemed to be doing fine on his own. I have a longer post on my blog about Steve’s decision, if you want to check it out – it talks about plotholes, Peggy, and the confusing theories between the directors and writers: https://www.ohsogeeky.com/2019/04/captain-america-avengers-endgame.html. 😀

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