Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Hello, my darling readers!
We finally made it to one of my MCU favorites. The Winter Soldier puts Captain America back in the spotlight and gives him some new friends to play with…

The Plot:

Steve is still trying to adjust to modern life. Struggling to fit in, he is all too happy to take on a new mission. An old friend seems to have risen from the dead and is making trouble…

The Rating:

You might have noticed that I’m a little excited about this film. I promise it’s totally justified!

First of all, I enjoyed that we saw Captain America struggle. He may be a super soldier and a superhero, but underneath all that, he is still human. Especially his conversation with Sam Wilson did a lot in terms of representation, I think.

Also, I love it when Steve is being a little shit. He can be really sassy if he wants to. I guess he learned that from Nat.

However, Cap is not the only one who struggles with his past and his future. I guess, by now it’s common knowledge that the Winter Soldier is actually a brainwashed Bucky Barnes, so that doesn’t count as a spoiler. Right?

One of my favorite MCU lines will forever be “Who the hell is Bucky?”. Not only does this scene feature an epic fight between Black Widow and the Winter Soldier, Steve realizes who the Winter Soldier is. Their fight sequence is so perfectly choreographed it’s almost hypnotizing. For your information, that scene is almost four minutes long and it’s brilliant.

Once again, Steve is so very human, when he faces his oldest friend. I’m sure that for a moment he was little scrawny Steve again, facing a radiant Bucky. You can see his heart breaking when the Winter Soldier doesn’t recognize him or even remember who Bucky Barnes is.

By now you probably realized that Bucky Barnes is my favorite MCU character. (I swear it’s not just because of Sebastian Stan!) There is so much potential, so much past to dig up. You thought Cap’s life is complicated? Bucky certainly takes the prize in that department.

Captain America: Winter Soldier is one of the best MCU films. Bucky Barnes gets to return and I can’t wait to see more of that character. So much baggage to unpack!

Are you a Marvel fan? Let me know in the comments!

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9 thoughts on “Captain America: The Winter Soldier

  1. This one is my favourite MCU film. You’ve nailed down fantastic reasons there. Gosh, and the indecent obsession I have with the Winter Soldier… and it’s not just cause of Stan, either! Though he doesn’t hurt 😉

    Great write up. I can see me sitting down to rewatch this soon. Been itching to for months!


  2. I love this film a lot as it didn’t just surprise the hell out of me in its suspense but also its ode to 1970s political thrillers. It’s one of the reasons why I love the Russos as they seem to come from a world of cinema that they’ve grown up on and wanted to make the films they loved from the past and put in these big-budget blockbusters.

    There’s so many things in the film I loved such as the stuff with Cap and Nat showing how natural the chemistry is between Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson. Notably the scene in the truck where Nat asked “was that your first kiss since 1945?” and Cap replied “that bad huh?” “I didn’t say that!” Cap, Nat, and Sam as a trio are just awesome as I enjoyed watching Sam as I think him as this grounded soldier who could fly but is also funny.


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