Captain Marvel

Hello, my darling readers!
Welcome to the second post of my MCU review series. In terms of chronology, Captain Marvel is the next film after Captain America, so here we go!

The Plot:

As Carol Danvers rediscovers her past, she becomes one of the most powerful beings in the entire universe…

The Rating:

I am super glad that Captain Marvel is the second film if you watch the MCU movies in chronological order as I was really excited to watch this one.
Well, Brie Larson didn’t disappoint me!

There are many things I liked about this film. Let’s start with something simple: the soundtrack. As a large chunk of the film is set in the 1990s, that’s where most of the music comes from. Of course, we get Nirvana, but generally speaking, it is a very “girl power” soundtrack. With bands like Garbage, No Doubt and Hole (bonus points for actually using my favorite song of them for the credits) it’s a perfect fit for Captain Marvel.
I was only somewhat sad, that no Nine Inch Nails were played. Carol wears a NIN shirt during the film, so I kind of expected at least one of their songs to be included.

While I am not overenthusiastic about the story itself, I adore Brie Larson’s performance. The plot didn’t feel too unique or even gripping but I simply enjoyed Larson being a total badass for two hours.
What sets Captain Marvel apart from previous depictions of female superheroes in general are her looks. First of all, her suit actually looks like it’s useful and not just a super tight bodice to show off her ass and tits. That’s something that bothers me when with other films (and comics I’ve had a look at), so I really appreciate that for once, a female hero is treated as a professional and not as eye candy. Along the same lines, Brie Larson has amazing muscles. You can tell that she’s strong by looking at her.
Other female heroes are usually depicted as super skinny and just pretty (just look at their arms and you’ll get what I mean), which totally clashes with the fact that they are amazing fighters as well. It’s not about looking like a bodybuilder, but you can simply tell that Larson worked hard and that she can seriously kick ass.

As usual, the humor is pretty good. Some jokes are a little flat, but ultimately Marvel does a decent job when it comes to blending humor with films that are otherwise rather serious.

To be honest, this movie mostly lives off Larson’s performance. She really embodies Captain Marvel and that’s what makes this film worth watching!

Are you a Marvel fan? Let me know in the comments!

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