The Man in the High Castle: Season 3 – A Review

Welcome, my darling readers!
It’s been a while since Amazon released the third season of the hit show The Man in the High Castle. I took me a while to write this review – but better late than never!

The Plot:

I’m trying hard to recall what actually happened in this season, it’s been a while.
The Nazis continue with two things: the destruction of American legacy (scripted by Nicole) and the exploration of their Stargate thingy.
In the meantime, the Resistance is still going strong…

The Rating:

Let’s be honest here. The reason it took me so long to write this review is because I found the season extremely unimpressive.

I’ve never been a fan of Bella Heathcote’s character Nicole and this season didn’t do anything to change my opinion. When it comes to Juliana I’m also getting more bored by the minute. To be honest, I don’t really care about her character or storyline anymore.

Even the plot surrounding the Nazis failed to impress me this time. While in the last season I was deeply moved by Thomas, I was pretty much unfazed by everything going on in this season.

In general, there were a whole lot of episodes for very little plot. Although I once was excited about the show, the episodes failed to hold my attention.

I will definitely check out the fourth and final season, as there are aspects that seem promising. The show has a lot of potential and I hope the next season lives up to that. However, I am glad that it ends with that season.

Did you watch season 3? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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