Grimm – 6 Thoughts for 6 Seasons

Hey guys!
I finally had time to check out Grimm. The final episodes of this show aired in 2017, so I’m only a little late to the party.
This posts also marks a new introduction: I gave youtube reviews a try. The video of me rambling on about Grimm is at the bottom of the post!

#1 Monroe is the ultimate cinnamon roll

Although many noteworthy characters appear in the show, Monroe has been my favorite from the moment he first appeared.
He’s Wesen, a Blutbaden to be specific, that means in addition to his regular human form he can transform into something darker. Although he might seem tough at times, he is the warmest, softest and most adorable character in Grimm. He is smart, super funny and protective about his friends and family. How could you not love him?

#2 So Many Languages

When you read the word Grimm, your first thought might have gone to the famous fairy tales. That’s what the show was inspired by! But it’s not only the Grimm stories the show features, myths from other countries around the world are woven into the show. Honoring that legacy, the show also features a variety of languages (related to a bunch of story-lines that’ll keep you on edge) including German, Russian, French and Spanish. I love that this allows me to work a little on my French and even Spanish without having to try too hard!

#3 The Quotes

Each episode kicks off with a quote from the particular story it is inspired by. In the beginning, we are mostly talking about well-known fairy tales but as the show progresses other stuff is included as well. Checking out where those quotes come from is fascinating!

#4 Around the World

The doesn’t only include a variety of languages, we also get a bunch of different settings.
Most notably, a bit portion of the show takes place in Vienna, Austria. That may not be all that exciting to you, but I live here in Austria. First of all, I love that Austria gets some recognition as so many people always confuse it with Australia. But what’s more important: it allows me to yell at the screen “I know where that is! It’s right around the corner!”

#5 The Darker Tones

As the show continues, the tone gets darker than it initially was. Don’t get me wrong, it’s never been a cute and fluffy show for kids. In the later seasons, however, the show seems to embrace what the stories have to offer. Especially the final season is really not for the faint of heart, but the atmosphere thus created is absolutely perfect!

#6 Second Chances

This actually has two meanings: first of all, as the show takes place over the course of six seasons, so the characters evolve and change. The people we started out with are not the ones we ended with. Many of the characters literally got second chances in the show!
Furthermore, watching Grimm now was me giving the show a second shot.
Back in the day when it first aired on German television, I was anxiously waiting for the episodes to come on. However, after two or three, I quit watching. I was underwhelmed and the show wasn’t what I had expected. Maybe it was the weird German dubbed version, but once I checked out the original version years later on Netflix, I was hooked from the first episode on.

Did you watch the show? Let me know in the comments what you think!
Also, let me know what you think about my Youtube review!

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