Praise for Fanfiction Writers

Hello, my lovely readers!
Today’s post will not be a review. Instead, I’d like to talk about fanfictions.
I’d love to start a discussion, so let me know your thoughts in the comments!

I hadn’t read any fanfics for years when I stumbled upon some material on tumblr. Suffering from a huge bookish hangover after reading the ACOTAR series, I was glad to find something related to the characters. That’s when I found a brilliant fanfic I already reviewed over here.

There are many people who look down on fanfiction writers and don’t see any worth in their works. However, the more fanfics I read, the more fascinated I am. There are so many talented and creative people out there. The fic I mentioned above is just as long as the books in the ACOTAR series. Consider how much time and effort went into compiling that story!

Unlike writers who build their stories on exclusively original material, fanfiction writers have no chance of actually publishing their work or making money with it. That makes me appreciate their efforts even more! The write just because they like doing it. They make a lot of fans really happy with that.

Furthermore, I think writing fanfiction is a great way for up and coming writers to hone their abilities. You can draw from an already existing world and characters but still create something of your own. You can practice and experiment. It allows you to focus more on the story itself than on world-creation which is a great way to get into writing.

It’s not necessarily easier to write about characters everybody already knows. You will be criticized for not hitting the perfectly right tone or depicting a character not the way the rest of the fandom did.

What I love about the whole fanfic community is the mutual support and inspiration. There’s no competition going on, instead of criticizing the hell out of other people, it’s about lifting each other up.
I was even inspired to get my own story going and started writing a fanfic. It’s so much fun to discuss ideas with like-minded people and to see that people actually care about what you write.

Before finishing this post, I’d like to mention one last thing. Whenever you read a fanfic, make sure to let the writer know if you enjoyed something (or even if you didn’t – constructive criticism is always appreciated!). Getting comments and likes can really make somebody’s day. Knowing that people enjoy your writing is the best motivation ever!

Do you read fanfiction? What are your thoughts on the matter? Let’s start a discussion in the comments! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Praise for Fanfiction Writers

  1. good on you for supporting the fanfiction writers! my fanfiction times go waaaay back to 2002/2003 when I read digimon fanfiction, and even wrote one! I still got mails years after with ‘keep writing please’ which I thought was incredibly sweet. sadly, the website/community no longer exists (it’s actually for sale which breaks my heart).

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  2. Love this post! I have a lot of love for Fanfiction writers. You are so right about the lack of monetary rewards for them too, they write purely out of passion and it shows. There are obviously some poorly written fics out there but at the same time, loads of works with serious quality. I used to spend a lot of time reading Harry Potter fiction that I thought was written better than the books!

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