Book Talk: Heartless by Marissa Meyer

Hello, my darling readers!
As I mentioned before, I picked up a bunch of books by Marissa Meyer. I already reviewed Stars Above and Cinder. However, not it’s time for something not related to The Lunar Chronicles.
Let me introduce you to Heartless!

The Plot:

Catherine might soon be the happiest woman in all of Wonderland. Rumor has it, the King of Hearts wants to marry her.
What would fill most young women with excitement, only fills her with dread. She doesn’t want to be Queen, she doesn’t even want to be a lady. All Cathrine wants is to open her own bakery.
Well, life is what happens while you’re busy making plans…

The Rating:

I have a confession to make. I picked up Heartless without having the faintest idea what the book would be about. Honestly, I hadn’t even read the blurb.
The Lunar Chronicles were fascinating, so I figured I’d also enjoy this book by Marissa Meyer and added it to my stack.

You can imagine, I was a bit surprised that Heartless is set in Wonderland (as in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland). Once I had settled into the story, I just couldn’t stop reading. Marissa Meyer creating a capturing narrative that is unique despite being closely interspersed with something so famous.

The story is full of surprises: you’ll laugh, you’ll have your heart broken and you’ll meet some familiar characters. Meyer plays with dark and light themes expertly in Heartless.
At some point, it’ll dawn on you where the story will end. It took me a bit longer to figure it out than I’d like to admit but that might be due to the fact that I’ve never read the original Alice in Wonderland by Carroll (yet).
Nevertheless, I enjoyed the story and kept wishing for a different outcome, despite knowing what would happen.

Heartless is a fresh and exciting take on Wonderland that you shouldn’t miss. How I’d love to see this book as a movie!

Did you read Fairest? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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7 thoughts on “Book Talk: Heartless by Marissa Meyer

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  6. ************MAJOR SPOILERS********************
    Theory that I’d love to discuss: the Three sisters planned and set everything into motion in order to obtain Cath’s heart.

    Backup: [Theory] they provided the information to the White King regarding Cath and her heart as a solution to the war (source is not revealed in the book but who else would know this?) [Canon] such that Jest would pursue her heart [Theory] knowing that he would fall for her, [Canon] they let Hatta through pass through, bringing items from Chess to Hearts, which leads to the creation of the Jabberwok [Canon] they requested the lemon seed from Jest which [Theory] implies they may have “planted” the lemon tree dream with Cath to make her drawn to him, [Canon] they can forsee different outcomes based on different choices made and so [Theory] could influence outcomes, [Theory] they deliberately brought Jest to Hearts prior to Cath becoming Queen, such that the first time he saw her she was dressed (by her mother) in a way fit to attract a King and the timing of their meeting was perfect for both their hearts to be broken, [Theory] they needed Cath’s heart to be something “she no longer had need of” in order to obtain it from her – hence setting her up to get her heart broken beyond repair

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    • Ooooh that is such a smart theory! I hadn’t thought of it in that way yet, but it definitely makes sense.
      I wish Marissa Meyer would write another book on the matter so maybe we could find out about this.
      Though I’m not sure I’m ready to have my heart broken by this story again. 😂


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