Book Talk: Stars Above by Marissa Meyers

Hello, my lovely readers!
Welcome to another book review. A while ago I read Marissa Meyers’ famous The Lunar Chronicles series. Well, I decided to catch up with the other stuff she wrote, beginning with two books related to the series. The first one of those is the topic of today’s review.
So let’s talk about Stars Above!

The Plot:

Stars Above consists of nine short stories. Eight of them are sequels or prequels to books in The Lunar Chronicles series or go deeper into events briefly mentioned there: how Cress landed in the satellite, Cinder arriving in Michelle’s care, Scarlet getting married, and many more.
The only story not directly related to the familiar characters is The Little Android, which is a re-telling of Hans Christian Anderson’s famous fairy-tale, now set in the world of The Lunar Chronicles.

The Rating:

I won’t go into detail for every one of the stories, instead, I’ll keep it short.
If you are a huge fan of The Lunar Chronicles, you will enjoy Stars Above. The stories are rather cute but definitely not a must-read.

So, if you found the original books okay but were not completely blown away, I’d suggest you skip Stars Above. Chances are, you’ll be bored by the stories. Honestly, as nice as the little glimpses are, most of them are simply too short to offer much depth and thus didn’t really have any impact on me.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret picking up Stars Above, but I could have continued living without reading it. The thing I liked most about the book is the cover, so yeah, it really wasn’t that impressive.

Stars Above is mainly for the die-hard fans out there who just don’t want to part with all their beloved characters from The Lunar Chronicles. If that doesn’t sound like you, skip the book!

Did you read Stars Above? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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