Book Talk: The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas (ToG Prequel)

Hey, my darling readers!
I finished the actual Throne of Glass series, but let’s not forget the collection of novellas titled The Assassin’s Blade that acts as a prequel to TOG. Of course, I also had to devour that one. Let’s dive right into Celaena’s pre-TOG adventures!

The Plot:

The Assassin’s Blade consists of five novellas that recount Celaena’s life before the events in Throne of Glass. She meets the pirate Lord Rolfe, encounters Yrene, falls in love with Sam, …
The stories all serve as background information to stuff briefly touched in the TOG series!

The Rating:

First of all, bear in mind that all of the stories are just novellas, they are only loosely linked and don’t have as much scope and depth as a full-fledged novel!

That being said, I completely enjoyed The Assassin’s Blade. The stories are a nice addition to the TOG series and despite the short style, SJM managed to break my heart as well. (but more on that matter in my upcoming rant-post!)

A few aspects of the stories felt far-fetched, and not entirely realistic. (Even when I consider everything else SJM came up with for the book series). However, I am inclined to forgive those flaws, as The Assassin’s Blade is hell of a ride.

Despite the fact that I liked The Assassin’s Blade, I’m not sure whether it was really necessary. Maybe the stories could have been added as flashbacks in the TOG books at some points. Nevertheless, I am happy with the way it is.

I read The Assassin’s Blade between book three and four of the series (as I was waiting for the next book at the library). It was a good spot to add the novellas, but I would recommend picking it up before getting started with the series. In the later novels (especially Empire of Storms and Tower of Dawn) some stuff will make a lot more sense with the background knowledge from Assassin’s Blade.

The Assassin’s Blade is a great way to dive in Celaena Sardothien’s life and universe. It’s a thrilling addition to the TOG series!

Did you enjoy The Assassin’s Blade? What’s your favorite story? Let me know in the comments!

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