Book Talk: Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas (ToG #6)

Hello, my dear readers!
With Empire of Storms Sarah J. Maas wrecked me for good. Everything about it is just intense. So while I piece my heart back together, let’s talk about the fifth book in the Throne of Glass series!

The Plot:

Tower of Dawn takes place at the same time as Empire of Storms. We finally get to hear about Chaol’s adventures down South 😉

The Rating:

You know, prior to getting started with Tower of Dawn I had seen the cover on Goodreads and wondered why it was the only book of the series without a blond-haired chick on the cover. About 2/3 through Empire of Storms it finally dawned on me (terrible pun intended) that we didn’t hear a word about Chaol there and Tower of Dawn would probably be devoted to his journey.

After that realisation, I was both excited and annoyed. I really wanted to know what happens next (especially in terms of Aelin’s “situation”), so I debated just skipping TOD for now and going straight to Kingdom of Ash. Let me tell you: I am so glad that I didn’t!

Tower of Dawn is super thrilling and a whole lot of stuff is going on there. Despite some of the shit Chaol had pulled in the past novels, I was still rooting for him. I had my fingers crossed so hard that he’d accomplish his mission. Not just the one regarding an army but also concerning the situation about his legs.

What can you expect from Tower of Dawn? It’s set in a completely new surrounding, so we get to explore a continent with a rich culture, fascinating people and an impressive history. Making all that stuff up for one country is difficult enough but SJM really did a great job with doing all of it again for the Southern Continent!

Some of the new characters you’ll love (Yrene, anybody?!), others are less amicable but compensate for it with a lot of swagger. I’d like to give a shout out to all the great female characters Sarah J. Maas added with this novel. The man in the TOG had better watch out!

By the way, there’s not only Chaol’s storyline. Nesryn strolls of on her own and gets her personal adventure. That was something I hadn’t expected at first but was glad about once it started.

Although Tower of Dawn is absolutely fascinating, I kept wondering what would happen in Kingdom of Ash. I never read a book as fast as Tower of Dawn!

Did you enjoy Tower of Dawn? What’s your favorite part about the Southern Continent? Let me know in the comments!

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