Book Talk: Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas (ToG #4)

Hello, my lovely readers!
Queen of Shadows is finished and I already have too many feelings for this series to put them in a review. So, once I am done reading (and weeping) and did a proper little review for all the books, prepare for another post, that’ll be me fangirling, freaking out and dropping spoilers.
However, for now, let’s get started with Queen of Shadows.

The Plot:

The gang is back together and kickin’! Celaena aka Aelin aka Fire-Breathing-Bitch-Queen is back in Aderlan. Well, her friends hadn’t just been sitting on their asses while she was gone. There’s a rebellion to run, a kingdom to re-conquer…

The Rating:

OMG I just love how the leading ladies in TOG just get more badass with every page. Aelin is so sassy and full of sarcasm, she might be my spirit animal. During so many moments, I ended laughing out loud because of her.

So Rowaelin is finally happening (or getting there) and I am so excited. I am not a romance reader, but I spent the entire book waiting for them to get together.
It also seems, I not the only Rowan fan. Aedion is fangirling so hard, it’s almost ridiculous. I love it!

Furthermore, I am rooting for Manon more and more with every chapter. She’s just too awesome. I bet everything that she ends up saving the day!

By the way, we also get some rather interesting new addition to the cast. I’m not sure yet what to make of Elide but Lorcan is down for trouble and I can’t wait to see where that ends.

By now the story is already so rich, I have not the slightest idea, where SJM will take in the next books. The END of Queen of Shadows! I swear that left me gaping at the novel like a book like a fish out of water. My precious little cinnamon roll Dorian! (Also, I’m so glad that the little shit Arobynn Hamel finally got what he deserved.)

Queen of Shadows was impossible to put down and I expect to be swept off my feet by what is to come. I’m already itching to pick up Empire of Storms!

Did you read Queen of Shadows? Who is your favorite character? Let me know in the comments!

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