10 Thoughts I had while reading the ACOTAR series.

Hey guys!
I did reviews on all the books so far published in Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Thrones and Roses series. However, in a normal review I just couldn’t squeeze in all the thoughts going through my head. So here’s a post consisting solely that – of course filled with spoilers!

#1 – Ianthe:

I didn’t like you bitch from the very start. But could you please stop – you know – breathing?

#2 The Suriel:

Sarah J. Maas, who dare you? Why did you have to kill off ACOTAR’s gossip girl? Just when everybody fell for this creepy creature. My heart will forever break over the chapter the Suriel died in.

found on tumblr: http://meabhd.tumblr.com

#3 The Weaver:

As the first installment of ACOTAR is obviously a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, in terms of fairy-tales the Weaver reminded me a bit of Hansel and Gretel. Wicked bitch living in a house in the middle of the woods luring people do their doom and devouring them.
HOWEVER, she’s my favorite bitch out there for not only killing of Ianthe but for having the balls to wear her jewlery while slaughtering thousands on the battle field. That’s what I call badass.

#4 Tamlin:

Just shut the fuck up ok? After finishing the series for the first time, I didn’t hate him that much. I just really disliked him. But after reading I a second time, my dislike grows.

I mean, seriously, how selfish can you be?
“Your hair is…clean.” What kind of compliment is that? And then at the end of everything UTM, instead of doing something (*cough cough* shout out to Rhys *cough cough*) he just sits there and does literally nothing until it’s too late for Feyre.

After that, he doesn’t really care for her. For what she went through. How he could actually help her. You can’t tell you’re sleeping right next to somebody who wakes each night screaming from nightmares only to hug the toilet while throwing up and not notice! How daft can you be? His super feeble attempts to sooth Feyre annoyed me. You could that he didn’t really try to understand or help her. He just wanted her to shut up.

Oh and let’s not forget how abusive he is. His constant outburst and half-hearted apologies afterward. Dude, that’s not okay!

I won’t even get started on his incapability of recognizing his own faults and blaming Rhys for drugging or glamouring or whatever Feyre after she clearly told him to fuck off. Seriously he had it coming.

#5 Chapter 55:

I didn’t know I needed that chapter in my life until I read it. It’s just utterly perfect. Didn’t you just want to crawl into the book while reading that?
I’m shipping Feysand so hard – together with my Gossip Girl the Suriel who was actually the very first one to sip them!
By the way, I love to get some more information on the wingspan issue, should somebody care to get out the measuring tape…

#6 Ianthe and Tamlin aka the Bitch and the Tool:

I was 100% convinced that they’d just hook up and decide to side with the King of Hybern for fun – and of course for revenge. When Tamlin really was there to get Feyre back, I just wanted to hit my head – or better his head – against brick wall.
Honestly, those two would have deserved each other.

#7 Rhysand:

For a second I debated framing his name with little hearts but then decided it would be a tiny bit immature. So let’s just agree that Rhys is perfect and we all want him as a boyfriend.
I recently saw somebody on Tumblr giving a summary of the ACOTAR series and thus calling Rhysand “Feminist Incarnate, Feminist Triumphant”. It’s actually a perfect description. Although when I read the books I didn’t really think of him as a feminist but simply as a decent person!

Just a little bonus: while writing this, Bad Reputation came on in my playlist. I swear whenever I hear that song in the future I will see images of Rhys and the Dream Court strutting out.

#8 Illyrian Babies:

Could Sarah J. Maas please write a 5000-page book about Az, Cass, and Rhys growing up together. I need that in my life!

#9 Feysand:

I just want to give a shout out to SJM for creating the most perfect and most intricate love story of all time. Normally, I really don’t give a flying fuck about romance but in the ACOTAR series, I couldn’t get enough of Feysand. There are so many details, strewn throughout all the books that make this so rich. When reading it all for the first time, you won’t realize all the little bits but while re-reading the books I constantly wanted to yell at Feyre. There’s that moment in ACOTAR where she thinks “Rhysand yelled my name again – yelled it as though he cared.” and I just want to shout “that’s because he DOES care!!!”.

#10 Tumblr:

After I finished the series the first time, I was so not ready to let go. So I immediately went on Tumblr.
Turns out the ACOTAR fandom is absolutely hilarious. Apart from heartbreaking fanfics (more on that note in a separate post) and beautiful art, I found collections of incorrect ACOTAR quotes that had me spend hours on there and laughing until I had tears in my eyes.
So if you ever need to be cheered up, head over to tumblr. But be sure you don’t have anything else to do that day. Once you get started you won’t be able to stop!

I’d have 100 thoughts and feelings more on ACOTAR. But for now, let’s leave it at 10. Share your thoughts in the comments!

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