Movie Mania: Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi

Hello my lovely readers! This is the last post on the Star Wars trilogy. We are still waiting for Episode IX to be released, but at least I had some time to check out Episode VIII – The Last Jedi! Stay tuned for reviews on Rogue One and Solo, those are coming soon! The Plot: Rey has finally found Luke Skywalker, but he is determined not to leave Ahch-To and reluctant to teach Rey about the Force. The Resistance is still fighting the First Order which also means fighting Kyle Ren, the son of Leia and Han who went to the dark side… The Rating: After I wasn’t 100% convinced by The Force Awakens, I was still excited to check out The Last Jedi. Let me tell you, this one is brilliant! In contrast with Episode VII, The Last Jedi surprised me several times and was not so foreseeable. As before, the CGI effects are on point and the battle scenes are exciting.  I am so thrilled about Kylo Ren’s storyline and can’t wait for Episode IX to see where he’ll end up. There were a few lengths in Rey story, but that’s really easy to forgive. To be honest, I also wasn’t that blown away by the whole Resistance thing, that kept dragging on a bit. But Rey/Kyle/Luke certainly make up for that. There’s enough fascinating stuff going on there to keep you hooked. The Last Jedi was super exciting and the story is now set for a grand finale. I can’t wait for Episode IX to hit cinemas. This has been the most thrilling Star Wars film since The Empire Strikes Back!

Did you watch this one? Let me know if you are a Star Wars fan! Be sure to stick around for the next reviews.

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