Movie Mania: Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace

Hey guys! It’s time for another Star Wars review. Today we have the first episode of the prequel trilogy. So let’s see what George Lucas was up to with that one!   The Plot: The Galactic Republic is in an uproar. The Trade Federation is preparing for a full-scale invasion on the planet Naboo. Two Jedis are sent to negotiate but only narrowly escape. They rescue Queen Padmé Amidala and try to bring her to safety. However, they get stranded on the desert planet Tantooine where they make new acquaintances…   The Rating: It took me quite a long time to finally check out the prequel trilogy. After I had really enjoyed the original trilogy, I wasn’t sure about getting started with this one. Anyway, I ended up having a great time! The Phantom Menace is much better than I had expected. The pretext with the political problems in the Galactic Republic is a bit tiresome, but the rest of the story is interesting. Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor are pretty cool Jedi, although I had thought they looked a bit ridiculous on the poster. Especially little Anakin Skywalker is full on adorable, so that’s a huge plus point! Ultimately I didn’t enjoy this film as much as any of the original ones. I just don’t consider it to be as fascinating or innovative. There are tons of CGI effects here that look quite impressive, but I’m missing depth here. The Phantom Menace is a lot of pretty pictures but at times it’s dragging on. The Phantom Menace is a decent film but it comes with quite a few flaws. By far not as good as the original movies but still enjoyable!  

Did you watch this one? Let me know if you are a Star Wars fan! Be sure to stick around for the next reviews.

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