Movie Mania Hitchcock Special: The Birds

Hello, my lovely readers!
Today I want to write about one of Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous movies. Let’s get started and check out The Birds!

The Plot:

After a rather weird encounter with Mitch Brenner, you socialite Melanie Daniels decided to drive out to Bodega Bay with a birthday gift for his little sister. However, as soon as she arrives, terrible things begin to happen as the bird population becomes more violent. But nobody believes her…

The Rating:

After a few more negative reviews concerning the Cold War movies Hitchcock has made, I am glade to share a positive review today!

The Birds is a super creepy thriller that made me squirm for weeks after whenever I saw a bird. Tippi Hedren does a great job in this production and holds up well with a co-star like Rod Taylor.

To be honest, the whole preset is rather flimsy and totally unrealistic, but I’m ready to ignore that. The rest of the production is eerie enough to overlook the first couple of minutes. The suspense is definitely there and with an ending like the one we get here, the film really gets under your skin.

This movie is one of my favorite Hitchcock production. The stars deliver great performances and the horror is palpable. It’s not quite as impressive as Psycho but a very well done movie!

Did you watch this one? Let me know if you are an Alfred Hitchcock fan!
Be sure to stick around for the next reviews.

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