Thursday Movie Picks: Television Edition – Adapted from a Non-English Series

Hello guys!
This is another entry for the Thursday Movie Picks series by Wandering through the Shelves. This week’s topic is TV related and I am to pick shows that were adapted from a non-english series!


I have to make a confession. So far I haven’t seen any of the (original) shows I’m about to present. However, they have been on my list for a while now, so let’s get talking!


The Returned (French):
This show focuses on the events in a small town after people who had been dead for quite some time suddenly begin to reappear. As I am currently working on my French, this show is the number one candidate of this list in terms of being watched soon. The idea sounds fascinating, but both the U.S. and the French version were short-lived. I’m quite excited to finally check it out!

The Bridge (Danish/Swedish):
The Bridge is a crime drama which I’ve already heard a lot about. The U.S. version was dropped after two seasons, but the original is still going strong. I am more likely to check out the original show, as I love Nordic crime shows – those are usually brilliant.


Homeland (Israeli):
I’ve seen a handful of episodes of Homeland and found the show quite interesting. I have a feeling that the original version must be extremely intense and I’d love to see that one at some point. Even the U.S. version is fascinating but so far I haven’t had the time to binge that one. It’ll have to wait on my to-watch-list for a little longer.


Which shows would you pick? Let me know in the comments!

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