Book Talk: And the Ass Saw the Angel by Nick Cave

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Today’s book review focuses on a novel recommended to me by a friend: And the Ass Saw the Angel. It was multi-talent Nick Cave’s first novel. So let’s see what he came up with!

And The Ass Saw the Angel by Nick Cave (Cover from Goodreads)

And The Ass Saw the Angel by Nick Cave (Cover from Goodreads)


The Plot:
And The Ass Saw the Angel tells the story of Euchrid Eucrow. Born to an alcoholic and abusive mother and a demented father, the mute boy has a tough start. He spends his whole life as an outcast, but the older he gets, the stronger his angelic visions become…


The Rating:
I plunged head first into this book without even reading the blurb.
What I found is a unique and intense novel that won’t let you go. At first I had my troubles getting acquainted with Cave’s writing style and language. But as soon as that barrier was down, I developed a love-hate-relationship with the book. On the one hand I wanted to know more but on the other hand I dreaded what was on the next page.
And the Ass Saw the Angel is a weird and irritating story. You will end up hating most of the characters as Cave manages to depict the cruelty of humankind extremely well. When it comes to the main character you can’t help but feel for him despite a certain repulsion that he evokes. Euchrid Eucrow is by no means an angel but he is certain that he’s doing Gods bidding. This tale is so dark and twisted, I have no idea how Cave came up with it. However, it’s also the kind of book I’d expected Nick Cave to write.

Nick Cave’s début novel is an intense hell of a ride. It’s definitely not for everyone as it’s violent, dirty and grotesque. You’ll need a strong stomache for this one, but it’s worth battling through. Mr. Cave, I am impressed!


Did you read the book? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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