Book vs. Movie: Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

Hey Guys!
Those of you who follow my blog might have read my first book vs. movie post on Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie and the very frist adaptation made in 1974. Of course I had to check out the new film as well. So let’s see how the 2017 version holds up!


The Plot:
Hercule Poirot just wanted to relax on the train while making his way back to London. He’s out of luck. One wintery night a murder occurs and as the train is snowed in, it’s upon Poirot to solve the crime and catch the killer…


Book vs. Movie:
I have to admit, this is the first Agatha Christie novel I ever read. The first thing I noticed was that it’s definitely from another time. The story features some statements that today you would call racist. The book was written in 1934, so I guess stuff like that was common at that time. But reading it was rather irritating and I frowned at my book a great deal. Otherwise, this is an interesting crime story that comes with a big twist at the end. Although I am not 100% sure that all of it actually makes sense.
So let’s see about the film.
First of all. Kenneth Branagh is brilliant as Hercule Poirot. He radiates warmth and depth but also cleverness. Another point I appreciate with this Poirot interpretation is the sense of humor. Compared to the book or even the first adaptation, this Poirot shows more dimension and is simply a more fascinating character. 
However, Branagh is not the only big name here. The cast is full of stars and naturally they all did a wonderful job. Especially Michelle Pfeiffer surprised me. Her role was rather annoying in the novel and for a long time I wasn’t sure about her in the movie. But with the final scenes Pfeiffer swayed me. She exhibited such intensity, I was blown away.
I was not too impressed by Johnny Depp. But I hadn’t been sure about the casting decision from the very start. There are other casting choices I am not really sure about and a few characters felt a bit exaggerated.
Apart from that I enjoyed the faster pace of the film compared to the novel. With the book the story would drag on at times and be a bit boring, but int he film there is more action and you won’t be bored for a single minute.

Despite tome mixed critical response I really like the 2017 adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express. It’s not perfect, but I’m nevertheless excited to see the next adaptation that is in planning!


Did you read the book? Watch the movie? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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