Thursday Movie Picks: The Dark/Night (Halloween Edition)

Hey Guys!
I know, I’m a bit late to join the party and it’s not even Thursday. But I just stumbled upon this really cool blogging project by Wandering through the Shelves. You check out the topic for the week, and pick a bunch of movies that go along with it!


The Others:
It’s the first film I thought of when I read the theme. This horror flick stars Nicole Kidman and is full of surprises. It’s a cleverly crafted psycho-movie that is definitely worth checking out!


We are the Night:
This is a German horror flick and I’m not even sure there’s a proper English version. There are not many German movies I like, especially not horror films but this vampire film is pretty cool. Great pace, great soundtrack, great actresses!


A Girl walks Home alone at Night:
Well, if you read my review on this film, you’ll know it’s not my favorite horror picture. However, it fits the theme perfectly and received lots of critical acclaim. So even if it wasn’t for me, maybe it’ll be your next favorite vampire film!


Donnie Darko:
For some reason Donnie Darko also immediately sprang to mind. It may not be a perfect fit but there’s so much darkness going on in this film, it definitely deserves a mention. Donnie Darko is one of my all-time favorites so be sure to check it out!


Those were my picks for theme The Dark/Night. Which films would you add to the list?



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8 thoughts on “Thursday Movie Picks: The Dark/Night (Halloween Edition)

  1. Sorry if this is double response, my first vanished when I hit post.

    Welcome to TMP! I’m 2 for 4 on your picks.

    I’m not a Kidman fan in the main but think she’s very good in The Others which makes excellent use of her chilly onscreen persona. The whole film is disquieting in the best way.

    Donnie Darko is such an odd off kilter flick but since that’s what its purpose is it achieves its goal quite well. I’ve only watched it the once but did admire its purposeful strangeness.

    I’m not a horror guy so I haven’t seen and probably never will see your other two picks but have heard positive things about them from fans of the genre. A Girl Walks Home is popular this week.

    Not being a horror fan I interpreted the theme a bit differently and went with films with a nighttime setting and as it turned out a more satirical bent.

    Night on Earth (1991)-Quintet of narrative tales set in cities around the world as a taxi driver in each city picks up a fare at the exact same moment and we share their lives and stories during the rides. A fable directed by Jim Jarmusch populated with quite a cast including Winona Ryder, Gena Rowlands, Rosie Perez and Armin Mueller-Stahl.

    The Night Before (1988)-Nerdy high school senior Winston Connelly (Keanu Reeves) regains consciousness late at night in an alley dressed in a tux. Problem is he has no idea how he ended up there, where exactly in L.A. he is nor where his car, wallet or more importantly his date (Lori Loughlin) are either! As he stumbles around he recalls getting sidetracked on the way to the prom and that now Tito the pimp is trying to kill him. It sounds like a drama but is played for comedy, goofy but harmless.

    After Hours (1985)-Oddity of poor snook Paul Hackett (Griffin Dunne), a button down computer processor who through a series of crossed wires and misunderstanding spends one surreal night in downtown Manhattan in a seemingly futile attempt to get back uptown. Dunne is perfect in the lead surrounded by a bunch of zany characters enacted by among others Teri Garr, Rosanna Arquette, Linda Fiorentino, Catherine O’Hara and Cheech & Chong. Nominated for the Palm d’Or with Martin Scorsese winning the Cannes director prize.

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  2. Donnie Darko makes me think of Harvey…but the bunny rabbit has gone bad. I love The Others…very intelligent, eerie and quite the mystery. The kids are excellent and the 3 helpers, near the end, really freaked me out. I would like to see that German film which looks a bit bloody but looks good. I am not sure about the 3rd pick at all.

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