TV Spotlight: Supernatural

Hey guys!
A big shout out to all the fans who’ve kept Supernatural going for more than 13 seasons! I am a bit late to join the party. But here’s my thoughts on the first season! (By the way, the show is perfect for a Halloween-binge!)


The Plot:
The brothers Dean and Sam Winchester have to team up when their father goes missing on one of his “hunting trips”. However, he was not out shooting deer, John Winchester hunts supernatural creators, always trying to find the one that had killed his wife 22 years prior. To find him, his sons will have to follow in his footsteps…


Should you check it out?
Well, as interesting this season is, I’m not yet fully convinced. But let’s start with the positive aspects. I love how cleverly the episodes are constructed. Of course you know they’ll make it out alive, but it takes skill to come up with enough myths and urban legends. And it’s even harder to present it in a way that’s not stereotypical and super dull. Another upside of Supernatural is the great chemistry between Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. It’s the one thing that makes or breaks the show but in this case, casting is really brilliant.
However, let’s get into the downsides. Apart from Meg, all of the female characters introduced in the show feel horribly like a big stereotype. The look the same way, the talk the same way, the act almost the same way and they always fall for one of the Winchester brothers. As the season progressed I honestly got more and more annoyed with the female roles featured as they seem to have only very limited functions: eye-candy and love interest. Well, for large portions of the first season, even the Winchester brothers didn’t seem to have too much depth. However, there were moments of hope for with a few less shallow episodes and as it was only the first season, I guess those characters have still plenty of time to develop.

Although I’m still not 100% convinced by this show, I will definitely continue watching. I just hope, the female characters will evolve a bit in the next seasons. This will be my Halloween binge!


Did you watch the show? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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