Movie Mania: All the Money in the World

Hello my lovely readers!
Today I bring you a 2017 movie based on a true story. All the Money in the World depicts the famous kidnapping of John Paul Getty III, grandson of “the richest man in the world”. So let’s see what Ridley Scott made of that!


The Plot:
John Paul Getty III is 16 years old when an organized Italian crime ring kidnaps him in 1973.
Based on the assumption that his divorced mother sits on a heap of money, the kidnappers demand an extraordinary sum. The only problem: she is pretty much broke. The person with money is her former father in law, John Paul Getty who is -at that time- the richest man in the world. But Getty refuses to pay. A series of heart-wrenching negotiations begins…


The Rating:
Based-on-a-true-story-films are always my favorites. I love cross checking the depicted facts and people with original photos and stuff. The background to this movie offers lots of interesting stuff to read about, so be sure to take a look.
In general, this is a compelling story that will move you. The fact that it we are talking about real events makes the whole thing even more intense. I was quite impressed with Michelle Williams’ performance. Although I had never been a big fan of her, she did an amazing job for this film. Charlie Plummer portrayed the young JP Getty III and showed great acting skills. He has a bright future ahead of him, I’m sure about it.
However, the best performance was given by somebody who was not even supposed to be in the movie. Originally, the whole thing had been shot with Kevin Spacey as billionaire J. Paul Getty. But as accusation were raised against him, all scenes with J. Paul Getty were re-shot just weeks before the premier. Instead of Spacey, Christopher Plummer was cast. Guys, belive me, in All the Money in the World he delivered one of his best performances ever. I don’t know what Spacey’s version would have been like, but there’s no way it could have been this good. Despite the fascinating story and other big names among the cast members, Plummer is the thing that makes this film so brilliant.
The actor who proved to be a bit of a letdown was Mark Wahlberg. His characters feel too much like a stereotype and Wahlberg just seems out of place. During all of his scenes I had the impression that the character actually belongs to a different film and just wandered in here accidentally.
Nevertheless, All the Money in the World turned out to be a surprisingly well made take on a real story. Even if you’ve never even heard of the name Getty and know nothing about the kidnapping, you will enjoy this goosebumps-causing crime thriller.

All the Money in the World is far better than I had expected. We get an amazing cast, a heart-breaking story, a great costumes and scenery. Tied off the perfect soundtrack, Ridley Scott delivered an atomospheric film on a piece of American history.


Did you watch this one? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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