Lucifer: Season 2 – A Review

Hey Guys!
I’m currently catching up with the show Lucifer. It was cancelled recently after the third season, however, I just finished #2. So let’s talk about it!


The Plot:
Our dear Lucifer really has a lot on his plate this time. Not only is he helping Detective Chloe Decker to solve some cases. He also has to deal with his mother who escaped from hell. And how does God chime in on the whole thing?


The Rating:
Lucifer is the kind of show you either love or hate. It has a weird sense of humor, some supernatural stuff, it touches a few philosophical aspects while looking a bit like CSI sidekick.
I am definitely on the love side of things. First of all, Tom Ellis is just divine (see what I did there 😉 ?). His portrayal of Lucifer is charming and funny but also dark and deep. He manages to keep you interested in the character, desperate to find out more about him.
What I enjoyed so much about this season is the philosophical aspect. Lucifer goes through a rough time and touches some interesting aspects while trying to figure his life out!
Furthermore, we get a cast addition that’s just amazing. Tricia Helfer stars as Lucifer’s mother who has some trouble adjusting to live on earth. Her story line is brilliant!

The best part about Lucifer is not the detective stuff. It’s what happens between the cases. And in season 2 what’s going on in the background gets deeper!


Did you watch the season? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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