Book vs. Movie: The Maze Runner

Hey guys!
It’s time for another book vs. movie post. I recently started reading James Dashner’s Maze Runner series. Naturally, I had to see the films as well. So let’s get started with part one!


The Plot:
Thomas awakes inside a dark elevator with no memory. He is pulled out of it by a group of teenagers who live in a place called the glade. They are stuck there as the only way out seems to be through the maze surrounding the place. But even after two years, nobody found an escape route. Can Thomas get them out? And who put them there? Why?


The Rating:
I’ll start with the novel.
James Dashner’s creation took me some time to get used to. He uses as distinct language with a few new words. Furthermore, we don’t get any info. As nobody knows why the teens are stuck in the glade, the reader doesn’t really find out either. At first I was a bit annoyed as there were almost no revelations and I was desperate to find out more. But the more I got pulled into the story, the less I cared.
Dashner wrote a fascinating book, that keeps you on edge. He came up with some pretty unique ideas with relatable characters. A few little aspects might not make 100 % sense but you can easily overlook those little flaws. In total it’s a gripping novel. I can’t wait to get started with the second installment!
While the novel really got me, the movie was a bit more of a letdown.
First of all, the casting. What the hell were they thinking? My first impression was that many of the actors certainly don’t look like teenagers. After some research, my doubts were confirmed. Out of eleven cast member I looked up, only two where under 20 years old at the time the movie was shot. Several of them were almost 30. Seriously, was that necessary? It certainly annoyed me a great deal.
In comparison with the novel, the film makes less sense in general. Some stuff was changed and to be honest, it ended up being a bit confusing.
However, I did enjoy the action scenes and how the filmmakers made the glade come to life. They did a got job by making the whole thing look as authentic as possible. We get some strong performances form the (more or less) young actors that really add a lot to the film.
Furthermore, the movie has a few more mysteries to offer, especially when looking at the ending.

In general, the adaptation is a solid take on James Dashner’s novel. It’s not perfect, but pretty good in comparison with other dystopian young adult movies based on books. I still prefer the novel, but am still looking forward to part two of both book and movie!


Did you read the book? Watch the movie? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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7 thoughts on “Book vs. Movie: The Maze Runner

  1. I can’t say I expected much from The Maze Runner. I have read the first novel in the series and it was okay but really didn’t wow me due to its relatively simplistic nature and regular fails in logic – something which is carried over and intensified in the film. It’s one of the better YA adaptations I have seen recently but I am left with one big question that was also left unanswered in the book… if you leave upwards of twenty pubescent boys to live together for three years with no  females are you seriously telling me there’s not going to be any homoerotic activity whatsoever? And that no one is going to attempt to get it on with the first female to appear in that time? I have my doubts. 

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    • You are totally right! I hadn’t thought about that so far. I recently finished book #2 and just got started with #3 and I am less then impressed. I haven’t seen the movies yet but I wonder how those turned out. The fails in logic seem to multiply with each book. By now I’m pretty annoyed and just waiting for the end.


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  4. I agee about the book, it was frustrating but I got sucked into the story. But the big question of ‘why???’ was all the way through the film. You know how I felt about Scorch Trials, book and film but did read/watch The Death Cure? Was there actually an ending?

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    • To be honest, I finished The Death Cure (book and movie) mostly for review’s sake. The movie was okay and I liked it better than the book, but overall I was rather disappointed with the end (or lack thereof). It’s just really weird and definitely not a must-see.


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