Stranger Things: Season 2 – A Review

Hey guys!
The more reviews I write, the more I realize how behind I am on the latest seasons. Stranger Things season 3 is coming out soon(ish), so it’s about time I share my two cents on season 2!


The Plot:
Everybody is trying to come to terms with the events of season 1. But the horror is far from over. Will may be back, but is certainly not okay. What’s going on in the Upside Down? And where is Eleven?

The Rating:
Stranger Things is one of the best shows currently out there.
The second season may not be as 100 % brilliant as the first one, but for me it’s at about 98 %. That’s certainly something I can live with.
I was beyond excited to see what the show runners had in store for us with season 2. There are many surprises and plot turns I hadn’t seen coming (but also some I had hoped for). The story remains intricate and capturing, so season 3 promises to be interesting as well.
What I love about the show is not only the 80’s vibes with all the clothes, haircuts and hints at movie, but also the amazing sountrack. Apart from that I need to shower the cast with some praise. I’m really glad that Winona Ryder is part of the cast and is now back on track as she used to be one of my favorite actresses. David Harbour is also brilliant and his Instagram channel is absolutely hilarious. But the reals stars of the show are of course the kids. I can’t help but marvel at their talent and their amazing performances. Especially Milly Bobby Brown gives me goosebumps.

I can’t wait for season three, after this impressive second season!


Did you watch the season? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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