TV Show Spotlight: Good Girls Revolt

Hello guys!
Today I want to introduce one of my new favorite shows to you! Good Girls Revolt is one of Amazon’s very own production. Unfortunately they cancelled it after one season and I am so sad about it 😦
Anyway, let’s talk about the brilliant season we got!


The Plot:
A few weeks ago I wrote about Lynn Povich’s book The Good Girls Revolt. She essentially tells the tale of her coworkers and her suing their employer, Newsweek magazine, for unequal treatment.
This show picked up the story. In the first season we follow the build-up until the women actually file a complaint and go public in the very last episode.


Why should you check it out?
Good Girls Revolt is an amazing representation of the 60’s. I love the fashion, the hairdos and most of all the music. There’s a playlist based on the shows soundtrack and I’ve been listening to that non-stop.
The cast was mostly unknown to me, but I there was not a single person there who disappointed me. Among the few big faces, especially the actresses playing the “good girls” had a hard time but they all did extremely well. The show features some real life people so it was even more of a challenge to get those to look authentic.
In general they did a very good job getting the whole 60’s vibe across!
The topic is fascinating, all those women sticking up for their rights at a time when women’s rights was just starting to become a thing. It’s impressive and inspiring!
I loved how the show includes a diversity of people without confining them to a corner. None of the girls is too stereotypical and they all go through an evolution. Big thumbs up for that!
What you should know is that this season is only the build up. In the final moments of the very last episodes the girls go public with their complaint. So everything leads to a second season with what actually happens afterwards. I will never understand why Amazon cancelled the show despite excellent ratings. But anyways, the one season we got is brilliant!

Good Girls Revolt tells an impressive tale about the Newsweek lawsuit. I will be sad ’till the end of time because there’s no second season!


Did you watch the show? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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2 thoughts on “TV Show Spotlight: Good Girls Revolt

  1. I was so pissed when they cancelled that show! It was brilliant, mostly accurate even if they weren’t allowed to say that it was a real story and still relevant in many ways to this day. i would have loved more seasons!

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